Bakare: A tender plant from the north will replace Buhari

Tunde Bakare, serving overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly, says “another tender plant” will replace President Muhammadu Buhari as the country’s president.

Speaking at the church’s service on Sunday, Bakare said the “tender plant” will come from the north.

“The reason things are going haywire in Nigeria today is because God is preparing a tender plant from the side of the north,” he said

“Once this president is out, another tender plant is entering. It will be clear to us that God preserved us for 30 years, preparing us for what he has prepared for us.”

Bakare, who made known his presidential ambition earlier this year, also said he was born for the purpose of saving the country”.

The pastor said there is no one capable of delivering Nigeria from its woes “until the appointed day”.

According to him, “I have a destiny date with God, nobody can stop it.”

He added: “Let no one deceive you, there’s nobody with the capacity to deliver Nigeria until that day; that day is coming, it is very near.

“The reason we refused to compromise our lives and to diminish our values is so that nobody can diminish our influence. There’s only one assignment left for me – it’s not down, it’s up.

“I am not politicking with you; I am declaring thus saith the Lord – to this end was I born, for this purpose came I into the world that Nigeria will be saved, Nigeria will be changed, and Nigeria will become great in my lifetime. The mouth of the Lord has spoken it and the zeal of the Lord shall accomplish it.”