SONAYON:I am heavily poised to have the youths begin to initiate the change we hope to see

In a Nigeria of no-youth involvement in politics and the years of absence in the spheres of political leadership which the youths have been dwelling in, has built the minds of many into resolving that political leadership is for elders but recent developments around the world of politics has awakened them into knowing that is absolutely false...

Away from politics and into rescuing the youths from the entirety of waiting to be helped or having absolutely no iota of interest for personal development and many other related negativities the youths are existing in, there is great need for youth advocates to help drive our youths into yearning to be prospective in various areas of strength and further have them driven consistently into wanting to be impactful through varieties of empowerment, rather than being in the spheres of blame-layers and other negative departments in the institution of life–Damilola Sonayon James, Founder and CEO of BSJ Foundation cum Executive Director of DGS Chauffeurs,  is an innovative-driven Youth Advocate, who as a youth Advocate has been working towards the enhancement of our youth's critical areas of life.

Godfreytimes understands that Overtime she found ways to be more aware and care for the environment/community as well as the people around them and also, ways to help the youths to be aware and care for their community as well as the people around and understanding  their responsibility  as a youth.

"Having realised that we can't  leave the future of Nigeria to our leaders alone, I am heavily poised to have the youths begin to initiate the change we hope to see and I believe there is no better way to enforce  this other than  Advocating and empowering the youths who are willing to add value  to their community", Sonayon was quoted as saying.
"Advocating for the youths is a valid innovation I execute with BSJ Foundation and with the presence of my passion, greatness is forthcoming because passion drives greatness and the youths' increased state of personal development, value-added empowerment and being prospective in mind is part of the greatness I speak of." she added. 

Sonayon who has been actively speaking on several seminars on youth advocacy, is having a hugely packed youth empowerment program coming up in August and Godfreytimes is going to have full coverage of the two-week event.

See below Sonayon's  helpful quotes for the youths