Ayefele, Ajimobi meet to discuss Music House demolition

Yinka Ayefele, a musician, met with Abiola Ajimobi, governor of Oyo state, on Thursday.

This is the first meeting between both men since the Oyo state government pulled down Music House belonging to the musician.

A source told TheCable that the meeting was about the demolition of the building.

The government had said the building estimated at N800 million, according to Ayefele, violated the originally approved plan of the area.

Toye Arulogun, commissioner for information, had said the because it is “structurally defective (and) poses danger or constitutes a nuisance to the occupier or the general public”.

The action of the government had sparked outrage, with many accusing the governor of not being sympathetic to the plight of the musician who was confined to a wheelchair after an accident.

But Ajimobi defended his action in an interview with BBC Yoruba.

The governor said being physically challenged is not an excuse to break the law.

“Just like the house they said we demolished, that man didn’t obey the law, now. People are now saying because he’s physically challenged; so if one is physically challenged, then he should break the law?” Ajimobi had said.

“They said he employed people, are armed robbers not employers of labour too? Should we now say because armed robbers employ people, they should continue to rob and terrorise others?

“We shall pity them… But we have to obey the law.”