UPDATED: Drum goddess christened one lagos fiesta 2017

Drum goddess─ARA christened Africa's biggest end-of-the-year artistic eventㅡOne Lagos Fiesta 2017 with her first performance at the bar beach victoria island lagos.

The huge crowd gathered was heavily thrilled by the strength of nigerian music and the queen of drumsㅡARA of international repute, as mcbonus who compered the event rightly said,added to the thrilling feel that was evident and they got stunned with her drumming prowess.

After stirring up the mood of the crowd with the knowing of the presence of the drum goddess, mcbonusーa thrill maximizer, brewed up their curiosity with an informative announcement of the drum goddess to the stage...ARA followed through with the announcement by dazzling the crowd with her vocal range, sang about her being a wonder that comes like a thunder and you surely would not doubt or question that.

Stunningly lost in the thrills of her vocal range ARA increased the tempo of the thrills with her drumming prowess and had the the crowd maximized with thrilling power.

Evidently an event that made every one see, and enjoy the strength of nigerian music and the drum goddess added to the thrills with culture-feel sounds from the drum culture.

The queen of drums as she's also known was chiefly active in 2017 with gallant renditions of performance, the premiere of her movie 'Osunfunke'ーexclusive screening of it for diplomatic communities, dignitaries and corporate Nigeria and the release of her album and Ep for online distribution by Africori Music Group (The preferred digital partner of African Music) rounded off her year of thrilling-spree with another performance in One Lagos Fiesta 2017 Agege and with the fabled queen at the venue was evergreen-in-beauty Gift Iyuwame Eke best known as Mumagee and afrocentric musician cum samba queenーStella Monye, a lifetime-mention in the history of Nigerian music.