You cannot use your wisdom to run your marriage 一 it is a big responsibility, says Olushola

OYO STATE , IBADAN - It's been said that where purpose is not known, abuse is  inevitable. When you don't understand the purpose of marriage you will abuse it.
Have you asked God am I supposed to get married? Is marriage in your purpose? Olushola asks members of the New Covenant Church during his talk on "What Men need to know"  He emphasized the place of THE MAN and told them that you cannot use your wisdom to run marriage, and described it as a big responsibility.

Participants of the event termed: A Day with Our Wives were made to know by Olushola that "marriage can be described in so many ways but the truth is that marriage is a choice."

"You were sent here for a purpose, you cannot run after marriage and forget that purpose because purpose is greater than marriage", Olushola was quoted as saying.

"You cannot use your wisdom to run marriage, no government can legislate marriage. If you want your marriage to work you need to go back to the scriptures". Marriage is not From the earth, it predates culture, tradition and religion.

Olushola further added that marriage is a big responsibility and that you have to know God and secure His help to succeed. Any man that cannot take responsibility for a woman has no business in marriage. 

It is "The Man" and not "A Man" that is not good to be alone. Some men need to be alone until they are actually ready for marriage as the fact that you can put a woman in a family way does not qualify you to be a husband. You are as best a spam donor. Husbandhood is different from Manhood.

"We are the next father to our wives".

Having had attendees of the event and his valid insights engaged, Olushola interested them with 'the place of man' in the house.

"Marriage is a field where your patience will be tested, If you fail then your strength is little.
Man is the prophet of the house, it is not by saying I am the head. It is by your actions. "
A prophet speaks about the future, you must be able to paint a picture of a better tomorrow for your wife and children.

" We must know that where we are failing is where our wives are misbehaving.
You are the Leader, you are not on the same level with your on the family structure. The higher you are on the organogram the higher your responsibility and so your authority. I'd you share responsibility get ready to share authority. You cannot give responsibility without authority. Men rise up!! Don't fly on the same level with your wives" there will be a lot of clashes. Let her be look up to you as her source as you look up to Christ. Olushola urged the men vehemently.

"Man is the minister in charge. Where men sleep, the enemy will strike. Know that you were not called to be served, you were called to serve."

The renowned therapist whose unique insights was like a valid dose for sick marriages and a helpful enlightenment for the married and yet to get married, further charged men not to be threatened by the success of their wives.

"Don't ever be threatened by the success of your wife because your wife cannot become who she is without your efforts". 

You are the Leader
"Having said that, please note that if man won't lead the wife won't follow. The problem is that most men are not leading so our wives don't follow. If you are not somebody that can lead, you will not be followed".

You are the Protector

Known for not garnish truth with ingenuity, Olushola shocked attendees by having them know how high he places his wife.
"There's nothing worth losing your family for. My wife is more important to me than the church. Family first after God".

Before he started his teaching, Olutayo prayed for God's projection and not his own intellects, knowing that the heart of man is a kingdom that should have one ruler, which is God. But there are two rulers in life, which is God and the devil. Who is the ruler of your Kingdom? God has spoken to kingdoms through Olushola, if God is the ruler of those kingdoms, would-be and marital lives should have experienced dynamic change.

Still in the place of man in the house, He described man as the priest.

"Man is the priest but so many men leave the issue of priesthood down for their wives. The priesthood belongs to the Man. offer sacrifice on behalf of your family, pray and bless them daily. lead them to worship and follow God in obedience.

"Man needs to know his place and his place in marriage. The head is where the eyes, ear and mouth is, you must know what is palatable for your home".
"See your family as a nation. Man is the chief security officer, the president of the home".
The family assumes who you are. Your family is who you are.

"Man is the minister of resources so you are the provider. If your wife provides anything, she's only helping you".

"Give women sadness and they will give eternal sorrow. Give them freedom and they will give deliverance". The day I show my wife my payslip and my account she stopped asking me the money I have not earned.
"Men need to grow beyond ego and need to know they don't know it all. So work with your wife as a team. Let the better person handle the task.

Husband be to your wife like christ to the church. Jesus didn’t wait for us to gain salvation before he gave his life for us". Dont Wait till your wife is perfect before you love her.

After engaging the men Olutayo shifted to the wives before ending his teaching and have them know that there's a king and a fool inside a man. If you speak to him as a king, he will respond to you as such but if you speak to him as a fool then you will get a fool's response.

Olushola said despising your husband is despising your God.

He encouraged women to be magnified in their home and never feel inferior 
and also encouraged them to habituate in the following
  • Pray for your husband 
  • Respect your husband 
  • Utmost companionship to your husband. 
  • Give encouragement. 
  • Utmost sex. Everything grows in marriage including sex. 
  • Help your husband. Help him in all ramifications. 
  • Refrain from giving unsolicited help.