Osun is ‘most peaceful state’ in Nigeria

Osun has been rated the most peaceful state in Nigeria, followed by Kogi, Ekiti Kwara and Imo states.

The ranking was done courtesy of the research findings of the Foundation for Peace Professionals (FPP).

Yobe, Kebbi, Bauchi, Zamfara and Sokoto were found to be the least peaceful states in the country.

On a geo-political basis, Akwa Ibom was rated the most peaceful state in the south-south, Kaduna in the north-west, Kogi in the north-central, Osun in the south-west, Imo in the south-east and Taraba in the north-east.

The report also indicated that Lagos state had the least poverty rate, Zamfara the least crime, Ekiti, the least incarceration rate and Taraba, the least human right abuses rate.

South-east Nigeria had the highest number of higher education institutions in the country with Imo rated to be the most educated state.

The FFP data was collected between 2010-2016.