We must correct the impression of our Leaders


A ‘Good’ Government is expected to provide basic social amenities in order to create an enabling environment for the youths to fulfil their full potential. The role of a youth in national development cannot be overruled. 

It was recently reported that the Nigerian economy in the last few years is going through some turbulence. A country that recorded an average GDP growth of 6.5%, one of the highest in the world, less than a decade ago and this has dropped drastically. 

The implication is that per capita, income growth may actually be negative with significant consequences on poverty, socio-economic welfare and employment. Although the current government cannot be totally blamed. In 2017, the GDP growth increased with about 1.92% which means the future of Nigeria is hopeful. 

I believe it is as a result of efforts from our leaders and the youth as a collective. The youth have contributed by implementing the electoral strategy used to win an incumbent election and also creating jobs through the bold step of entrepreneurship, amongst other avenues. We see  a lot of youths today taking responsibility to impart knowledge, learn skills and become creative in all sectors of service, while others are fast transforming their vocational skills  into professionalism. Hereby, creating employment opportunities for the upcoming generations and a medium of livelihood. 

We appeal to the government and leaders to support and acknowledge youths that fall in the above categories. They should be given due recognition for their contributions towards the growth of the economy. In conclusion, I implore other youths who are inactive and nonchalant towards self development and progressive values to gear up as leaders for the future of our great country Nigeria.
Remember, only passionate youths who are willing to work and invest in the economy, can change the world.