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Do you need surgery for fibroids? Toke Makinwa is offering to pay

After coming out about her struggle with fibroids, Toke Makinwa has offered to support one woman with the same situation.
In April, the ‘On Becoming’ author revealed that she had been dealing with fibroids for six years but only sought treatment when the pain became unbearable.
Makinwa said she has so far removed 12 fibroids from her body.
The media personality said she has “decided to support one lucky female dealing with this ailment” by paying for her surgery.
She said: “12 was the number of Fibroids I had taken out of me on the 3rd of April,” she wrote on in an Instagram post shared on Friday.
“Since I opened up about my surgery I have had so many people reach out to me with various questions, I have also read from so many people who have gone through the same procedure.
“It’s such a crazy experience, I don’t wish it on anyone. My road to recovery has been one of grace and I’m thankful for it all.
“God has really just done the most. Thank you all for the prayers, the lovely messages, they kept me going.
“I know a lot of people are scared of surgery and most importantly scared of getting surgery of any kind done back home in Nigeria.
“I was one of them, It took me years to brave up, I managed and managed and things were not getting better, I’ll meet with my doctor, schedule an appointment and run away.
“Please note, not all cases of fibroids require surgery, it’s quite popular among black women and if it doesn’t bother you, if it’s not obstructing anything pls don’t go the surgery route.
“I’m not a doctor, I only share my experience to help anyone out there dealing with it, first thing is to see your doctor, I’ve been asked questions like is it safe?
“It is only God that can guarantee our safety, but the good people at South Shore Women’s clinic where I got my surgery done did an excellent job. Dr Alabi and his team were not only safe, the after care I received was amazing too.”
“I have decided to support one lucky female dealing with this ailment, I wish I could do more but I’m comforted knowing there will be #1lesswoman dealing with issues of fibroids so if you know anyone who desperately needs the surgery and for some reason can not afford to get it done, pls send us an email
“I believe that there is good even in negative situations, find the light and live it. “