Earth:My once sweet sand...

By Ando Ogar

When I was a child, I sat on the  beautiful sand, played with it, ate it, built castles on it, drew my friends, loved ones and everything good I committed on the sand I sat on.
I always looked forward to playing with you or Earth, but not any more as I grew up, I watch with tears filled eyes as you swallow men of all sizes, great and small, intelligent and dull, beautiful and ugly, rich and poor, sick and healthy, people of different sizes and shapes, are being swallowed by you in death.

Oh! My once sweet sand is now used to cover my loved ones, o earth you haven't been fair to man, you not only swallow him in death ,you make him till and toil and dig and sweat till his bones grow weak and his eyes dim just to eat, men of integrity kneel on you to cry for help, so many tears drop on you every day, that of joy and sorrow.
Oh earth earth earth, the innocent cries on you, they say arise and swallow men of no good report, let them that be corrupt   be covered by you, let the wicked perish under you, and all the animals that swallow our monies be caught beneath your layer.
Earth , do not swallow the innocent , cover up men of low integrity, open your mouth wide and swallow the cruel, eat up the evil that has destroyed our country, but let the innocent be .


Andokie Uche Ogar is poetess cum advertising model...