Juliet Ibrahim threatens to take legal action against Joy Fm

Juliet Ibrahim

Ghanaian actress and singer Juliet Ibrahim has threatened to take legal action against media giant Joy Fm over a tweet on the station's official twitter page. 

Recently, social media has been 'flooded' with headlines or rumours of break up of Juliet Ibrahim and Nigerian boyfriend, Ice Berg Slim. 

The actress, in a recent post made a comment about animals on her social media handles which many interpreted it as a swipe she took at Iceberg Slim. 

After interacting with some human beings, you'll understand why Noah saved more animals on the Ark. ???? 
Photographer @photographercharlie
Dress @totalwrap 
Stylist @styledbytimi 
100% Natural Body by @julietibrahim 
???????????? #MissAfrica #Brandinfluencer#SheBoss pic.twitter.com/cMuJORdEoW

— Juliet Ibrahim (@julietibrahim) May 8, 2018

Joy Fm posted the development of the story in quotes, meaning that she had actually said those in words. 

I thought you were a reputable station? Did I grant you any interview and you are quoting me with a made up headline? If this article isn’t taken down in seconds my lawyer will contact you! Unprofessionalism at its peak! https://t.co/qVoXEtAoRY

— Juliet Ibrahim (@julietibrahim) May 11, 2018

This infuriated Juliet Ibrahim as she replied with a lawsuit and added that the station exhibited high level of 'unprofessionalism'. 

She further cautioned all blogs and media houses with such headlines to delete the posts or article else a lawsuit awaits them.

Every unprofessional blog or radio station that is carrying a quoted publication about me today claiming I insulted someone or called someone an animal, do yourself a favor and delete that post/article ASAP! My lawyer is on standby to handle the rest! This is a warning!!!

— Juliet Ibrahim (@julietibrahim) May 11, 2018

She 'poured out her anger' by a series of tweets against blogs and media houses for writing such stories about her. 

Below are some of the tweets from an angry 'heart broken ' woman: 

I’ll be the last celebrity that Gh media will try to misquote with fake headlines or interviews of any kind! This habit you people hv picked up by publishing FAKE stories and made up captions to sell yourselves while RUINING our brands and images has got to STOP!

— Juliet Ibrahim (@julietibrahim) May 11, 2018

Only an unprofessional would quote someone in a publication without knowing the implication of it! If you dare quote me when I have not granted you any form of interview or written said words I’ll sue you!

— Juliet Ibrahim (@julietibrahim) May 11, 2018

No one is stopping you from writing articles based on speculations and facts but DO NOT MISQUOTE ME OR LIE ON ME. Do not intentionally try to bring brands down with your unprofessional behavior!

— Juliet Ibrahim (@julietibrahim) May 11, 2018

Defamation of character is an offense punishable by Law! Don’t mess with the wrong celebrity. This is a warning to the unprofessional media who feels they can publish any nonsense about me. Don’t step on the wrong toes.

— Juliet Ibrahim (@julietibrahim) May 11, 2018

Culled from Ghanaweb