Reggae is a conscious music...Musicians in a hurry to 'blow', says Oge Kimono

Nigerian music today is loved not only in Nigeria but across the continent and beyond...afropop is now a threat to pop music and the fruition of this is credited to Nigerian artistes who sing afropop δΈ€ they have contributed to the validation of Nigerian music across the continent and beyond. While we bask in this epoch-making recognition, some wonder what are the challenges holding back reggae music in Nigeria from further validating the strength of Nigerian music?Very attractive reggaae sensation, Oge Kimono who captivates with her singing and dancing prowess has described reggae music as a conscious music and that musicians are in a hurry to blow.

The reggae delight said that reggae music is a conscious music and as such, is more challenging in our world today because the consumers of music seem not to be interested in the content or message the genre mostly preaches. 

"Musicians in turn seem to be in a hurry to "blow" and as such do not see reggae music being as lucrative anymore due to consumer demand so they go for quick money and fame". 

Oge said Same thing goes for the promoters and media but trust me all that is gradually changing as we have the likes of Patoranking who has been able to cut across with his style. Also in the afropop sound you still hear elements of dancehall which is a sub-genre of reggae music in the sounds of musicians such as Wizkid, Tekno, Davido to mention a few. 

"Reggae music gone on top and there ain't no stopping us now! Its just a matter of time! We have some heartical Reggae musicians who are working hard against all odds and me know soon the world ah go hear dem".