The Menace “Codeine”

By U N Sarah 

What is codeine?it is an addictive narcotics derived from opium and it is used as an analgesic and cough suppressants.
The use of codeine in excess has been ascribe to africans ,nigerians in particular according to BBC Africa who recently aired a short documentary on codeine  use in Nigeria.

Codeine which has been misused by certain individuals who see it as a means of getting high, its use is not limited to just males as females also take part in its consumption.
Emzor pharmaceuticals in a recent codeine scandal claimed not to have the substance in large quantity and promised to review distribution policy, in the end, distribution policy or not codeine somehow finds its way to its consumer which makes one wonder if Nigeria's free access to pharmaceutical products has not reach the Point of utmost concern.

Codeine when taken in small quantity can be very effective for the treatment of cough but in large quantity its adverse effect includes internal organs damage and insanity.

One has to see codeine and drugs in general beyond jokes, songs and dance move as it is the new killer of the future.