NFVCB’s Day at 2018 NUTAF in Jos

By Ando Ogar

The Nigerian Universities Theater Arts Festival (NUTAF),  presently holding in Jos , Plateau state, is a five day program which  kicked off on the 3rd of June , 2018 with the theme: “Nurturing a Vibrant Film and Video Culture for Economic Prosperity” 
More than 600 undergraduates from 25 universities across Nigeria were in attendance and the National film and video Censors Board( NFVCB) was not left out as they are the conveners of the program.
The festival which is the 38th in the series , has in attendance Professors, Heads of Department, Reputable Lectures, and the Executive Director of the National Film and Video Censors Board(NFVCB), Adedayo Thomas.
The Executive Director Of the National Film and Video Censors Board(NFVCB), Thomas,on Tuesday, June 5th, spoke on Unwholesome , Unclassified and uncensored film and video works being the main killer of the film Industry. He made it clear that piracy has overtaken the market and the earlier we say No to Piracy, the better for everyone, especially movie producers.
Adedayo Thomas urged the students  to stop buying and downloading pirated videos  because they are cheap. “You must stop actors and actresses from dying , recently Aisha died of cancer, and another top actor is down with a life threatening sickness that funds  are being solicited for. If their work is not pirated, they will have enough funds to foot their medical bills’, he stressed.
Alh, Adedayo Thomas also launched a mentorship initiative that will equip the young theater practitioners with practical knowledge of the movie industry besides their  academic experience.
“As the key regulators of the Nigerian Motion picture industry, the Board has decided to bring practical knowledge of how the sector works to these potential film makers so as to secure the future of the movie industry”.  The initiative is aimed at teaching the students the various classification ratings of film and video works , in order to properly position the upcoming scripts writers , actors, producers, directors etc for opportunities that abound in the industry.
At the festival, University dons, and other industry practitioners were invited by the NFVCB to hold masters classes for the students at the NDLEA Regional Academy, Katon Rikkkos, Jos. The Commander Segun Oke was in attendance.