‘Gareth’ makes a comeback thanks to England’s World Cup campaign

Thanks to England’s World Cup success, ‘Gareth’, which was ranked 1, 903 in 2016, has moved up the ladder.
Gareth Southgate’s success so far has seen a sharp revival in interest in the name, with almost two thirds (65 per cent) of parents believing it will make a comeback thanks to the World Cup.
The Welsh name, which means ‘gentle’, was first made popular by a legendary ‘brave and modest’ knight in King Arthur’s court.
The study, by ChannelMum.com, found around one in 14 children currently have a football-inspired name – but 84 per cent of parents think more babies will now be given a name based on the Three Lions players.
More than one in 10 expectant mothers even admitted they are now considering a footballers’ name for their baby. And another 55 per cent would choose a football-themed name if they liked it.
Harry is considered the name most likely to see an uplift, with 83 per cent of the 1,198 parents polled expecting to see it surge in popularity. A further 77 per cent reckon there will be more baby Kanes, while 48 per cent think you will meet more Jesses in the playground. Goalkeeper Jordan Pickford is also predicted to save his name’s popularity.
Among the more unusual names being considered by parents following the World Cup are Dele, with 18 per cent claiming it will be a popular choice.
Female children could also be given football-inspired names thanks to the WAGS supporting England in Russia.
Pickford’s girlfriend Megan Davison is the top choice with 54 per cent of parents considering it while Millie Savage, partner of John Stones, is loved by 49 per cent of parents.
Harry – 83%
Kane – 77%
Gareth – 65%
Jesse – 48%
Jordan – 41%
Ashley – 32%
Kieran – 31%
Marcus – 30%
Kyle – 29%
Jamie – 27%
Lion – 25%
Fabian – 21%
Dele – 18%
Raheem – 11%
John – 6%
Megan – 54%
Millie – 49%
Ruby-Mae – 44%
Fern – 42%
Paige – 43%
Annabel – 40%
Rebekah – 33%
Annie – 21%
Katie – 19%