'I disarm Buhari’ — Fayose lays hand on his deputy in new video

‘I disarm Buhari’ —  Fayose lays hand on his deputy in new video

Two days after Ayodele Fayose, governor of Ekiti state, fell to the ground and later wept publicly, alleging that he was assaulted by a policeman, the governor is back on his feet.
This time around, he is taking the battle to the next level. The man, who prides himself as “Peter The Rock”, has waxed spiritual.
He was seen clutching a bible on his left hand and laying his right hand on Kolapo Olusola, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate in Saturday’s election.
Olusola, a professor, is the incumbent governor of the state. Fayose has endorsed him as his successor.
In the video, Olusola knelt before Fayose, the way a congregant would do before his pastor.
“In the name of Jesus! Lord God of heaven, I pray by the grace you have given me to be the leader of this state, I commit you Kolapo Olusola into God’s hands, receive power to succeed me in Jesus name,” Fayose said to which the people assembled shouted “Amen”.
“They have come together to destroy the votes; they have come to cause confusion. They boast of their powers in Abuja, we boast in the power of Jesus, we are boasting of your name oh Lord. Lord it is settled in the name of Jesus.
“Tomorrow before the night falls, you will be declared, you will be declared, you will be declared!!!
“I disarm your enemies; I disarm them, I disarm them… I disarm Buhari in the name of Jesus! It is done. The Lord said I should congratulate you.”
Watch the video here: