Ibrahimovic, Beckham wager Sweden-England outcome

The quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 continue today with England slugging it out against an unpredictable Sweden at Samara.
To add an extra dimension to the game, both national teams’ arguably biggest superstars and legends have struck a deal based on the game’s outcome.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Sweden, via Instagram, challenged England’s David Beckham to buy him anything on IKEA if Sweden wins, while the big Swede would buy Beckham dinner at the location of his choice.
“Yo @davidbeckham if @england wins I buy you dinner where ever you want in the world,” he declared.
The ever cool Beckham accepted the bet and added some twists, declaring he would completely furnish Ibrahimovic’s Los Angeles mansion if Sweden does win, while the former Ajax, Inter Milan, Juventus and Barcelona striker must attend a future England game “wearing an England shirt and enjoy fish & chips at halftime” if Sweden lose.
Los Angeles Galaxy, the USA Major Soccer League side which Ibrahimovic currently stars for and which was made more famous by Beckham’s arrival from Real Madrid back in 2007 have acted as the witness/arbiter in the deal, posting the terms of the deal on their twitter page.
Let the games begin!