Security operatives attack anti-Erdogan protesters in South Africa

Protesters under the Turkey Solidarity Network (TSN) were attacked by security operatives at the Turkish embassy in Pretoria South Africa.

According to Majesty Mnyandu, interim chairperson of TSN, members of the civic society group were holding a peaceful protest ahead of President Recep Erdogan’s visit to South Africa when they were attacked.

He lamented that officials of the South African police service were “standing idle” while their members were under attack.

“We were very peaceful, yet firmly picketing about Erdogan’s dictatorial rule. Suddenly, security personnel emerged from the embassy and attacked us. I was kicked in the face, and I’m bleeding right now as you can see,” he said.

“We were really perplexed at their behaviour. This is South Africa, a free nation. We will not be deterred, we are not leaving this place until Erdogan has seen our placards. We will be here until he arrives as has been scheduled.

“One would expect the police to protect citizens when they are under a form of attack. We are being attacked here and the police are standing idle. What kind of policing is that? They should have protected us.”

In a statement issued before the protest, TSN accused Erdogan’s regime of human rights violation.

Editor’s note: This picture was used for illustrative purposes