Fidelity Bank Ghana excites customers with ‘Switch & Smile’ campaign

Jim Baiden, Managing Director of Fidelity Bank

In their quest to give more value to existing and potential customers and put smiles on the faces of their customers, Fidelity Bank, Ghana’s largest privately owned Bank, has unveiled an exclusive value-driven campaign dubbed ‘Switch & Smile’. 

The ‘Switch & Smile’ Campaign which is aimed at making salary accounts attractive and valuable, will run for a period of three months beginning from August 2018 to October 2018. It gives great benefits to people who already have their salary accounts at Fidelity Bank, to those who switch their salary accounts to Fidelity Bank or even those who open new salary accounts at Fidelity Bank. 

Customers who switch their salary accounts to Fidelity Bank or new customers who open new salary accounts will benefit from a bigger loan ticket processed in 2 days. To add to the excitement of this campaign, huge discounts from Fidelity Banks’ lifestyle partners awaits customers who switch their accounts. Customers will indeed have many reasons to smile with this campaign. 

Speaking on the benefits of the campaign, the Managing Director of Fidelity Bank, Mr. Jim Baiden, explained that, “we want to give more value to salary account holders and therefore those who switch their accounts to Fidelity Bank can enjoy loans as much as GHC200,000 in 2 days with no processing fee. We will also make you smile more by giving you up to GHC50, 000 life insurance cover with no premium.” 

He stated that “customers who Switch to Fidelity Bank can be assured of the high security of their salary deposits as they will be dealing with a local bank with world class standards. At Fidelity Bank, we are proud to say that we have one of the best Capital Adequacy Ratio in the industry as well as the best Liquidity Ratio.”

He continued that the main focus of Fidelity Bank is to keep customers smiling and provide them with more purchasing power for their needs. 

The Fidelity Bank ‘Switch & Smile’ campaign is targeted at salaried workers across the country and has additional benefits like salary overdrafts, auto loans, mortgage loans and consumer asset finance loans. 


Fidelity Bank is Ghana’s largest privately owned Bank with 77 branches. It was issued with its universal banking license on June 28th 2006, making Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited, the 22nd bank to be licensed by the Bank of Ghana under the new Banking Act, 2004 (Act 673). 

The Bank is owned by Ghanaian individuals, institutional investors and its senior executives. Fidelity Bank has two subsidiaries: Fidelity Asia Bank Limited, Fidelity Securities Limited.

Culled from Ghanaweb