Omotoso to wife:Forever I will celebrate this day in your life

Ayo Omotoso, President Travelogue Communications Ltd, on Tuesday, July 31, which was his wife's birthday, said that he will forever celebrate this day in her life.

Omotoso who is ever basking in the glory of love celebrated his wife on his Facebook with a beautiful piece he wrote for her.

Below is the love piece...

The birth destination is great
The family is rich in character and integrity

The Daughter of EOJ
She is unassuming,elegant,
Beautiful and Intelligent
I blessed the day you came to this world...

You have not disappointed your family and relatives for once
I blessed the day we became one on the altar of love
Forever I will celebrate this day in your life

Indeed you are a darling wife
Ever supportive
Ever loving and caring
The celebration is here today

Happy new year to my Ventricle
Happy new year to my friend and wife
Happy new year to a good Mum at home and abroad
Happy birthday Sweet heart
Indeed everything  about you is sweet, so sweet!

Ceo Sweetmix Gourmet foods is specially  created by God with exceptional character among others

I know the creative Red Velvet  in today's cake will be awesome
We need to explore in love  tonight with good music in the air in a serene environment as we do always

Greetings from your darling husband
Greetings from your family

Tourism Birthday greetings  from Travelogue Communications Ltd