Royal Edition is a platform all African  citizens and those in the diaspora are encouraged to use to rekindle their natural "can-do-spirit ",self-confidence and hope,to uplift African heritage to a certain degree of global appreciation and administration.

Royal Edition ,FACE OF AHANTA & Africa  Design Month is a Charity event  held  at  Ghana  to give a platform to upcoming Brand  Ambassadors & desigers who have talents in Art & Crafts ,Design & Fashion.

This year we are focusing on young people  between 18 - 30 years old. The winners will be awarded prizes and around trip to Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Venue :Dixcove -Western Region, Ghana.

Date:24-31 August,2018.

Established designers will be in the house from various part of Africa & they will showcase too.
Apply to showcase your work at the upcoming SANKOFA AFRICA Festival in Dixcove, Ghana.

Wazumbians Band will be perfoming, Mc Joe Lartey (TV Africa ) will be in the house not forgetting Dj Jerry Justice   will be handling the music policy.

Join us lift the coast of Ghana women out of poverty.

VISION :To serve as a flagship event of African heritage of the 21st century.

MISSION :Promoting, projecting and preserving positive aspects of African Cultural values, through indigenous fashion, music, dance,drama,movies,poetry, cuisine, festivals, traditional marriages,naming ceremonies and, of course, funerals.

To the African, life begins with birth but does not end with death.