Zapp Mallet’s chances of ‘killing’ Becca’s husband slim though he truly has kids

Musician Becca (M), husband and Sound engineer Zapp Mallet (R)

Well, for those who are expecting legendary Sound engineer Zapp Mallet to kill Becca’s husband Mr.Tobi, for allegedly lying to Becca that he was not married, has a disappointing news for you. 

The legendary Sound engineer who has produced a couple of Becca’s hit songs had threatened to kill the ‘You Lied To Me’ crooner’s husband Mr Tobi after news broke yesterday morning that Mr Tobi Sanni Daniels was already married. 

The rumours emphasized that Tobi Daniels even has two children with the supposed wife. 

But touching on the latest celebrity relationships scandal on his Entertainment Review show on Peace 104.3FM, Kwasi Aboagye astonishingly revealed that though Rebecca Acheampong aka Becca is yet to come out and react on the cloying matter, her very close friend has confessed that indeed Tobi has 2 children with a different woman.

According to the friend, though Tobi Sannie Daniels has two Children which she and Becca know about, Tobi is not married as purported. 

But the most confusing part of Kwasi Aboagye’s pronouncement which still gives hope to those expecting to see how Zapp Mallet will kill Mr Tobi, is when he emphasized that, 

"Becca’s friend, however, added that she does not know whether he is divorced but as far as they know, Tobi is not married and if it turns out to be true, then he hid it from them all”.

Culled from Ghanaweb