Nominations opened for GMIA 2018

    Over all well-rounded Model who books jobs from varying clients. A very active Model in fashion campaigns in Ghana and Abroad. Has a unique fashion sense and is very trendy. The model belongs to a reputable agency and has an impressive portfolio for the year under review. Including;
    1. –  Runway
    2. –  Commercial Print
    3. –  TV Commercials
    4. –  Campaigns (flyer, billboard’s, TV, etc)

  1. POSITIVE ROLE MODEL OF THE YEAR – This Model attends most model related event in support including MODUGA, is aware of the issues in the industry and voices out their opinion. This Model has impacted positively on other models through his/her work under review. Has an impressive portfolio and is very influential in model related issues.

  1. MOST PROMISING MODEL OF THE YEAR– This model is young and is making strides on the runway, editorial or both in the year under review. Belongs to an Agency and has a portfolio.

  1. COMMERCIAL/ EDITORIAL MODEL OF THE YEAR – Awarded to a male or female who has been very active in commercials or editorial campaigns in the year under review. Should be charismatic and have an impressive Portfolio.

  1. FITNESS MODEL OF THE YEAR – This model has booked a lot of fitness related jobs and is shown to be very physically fit from head to toe. This model should belong to a reputable agency and have a portfolio.

  1. BEST MODEL DEVELOPER/CHOREOGRAPHER – This individual should have groomed and assisted in developing models, by way of their looks, portfolio and their models have gone on to do well within the model industry. This person understands the importance of runway, grooms’ models with the poise and requisite to be a runway model, trains the models to walk flawlessly in heels and creates stage presence.

  1. MOST SUPPORTIVE ADVERTISING HOUSE: This company should have the highest turnover of models used from Agencies. The advertising house should have good reputation in the industry, has paid models very well and through appropriate means i.e Agents or Agency.

  1. FASHION DESIGNER/ HOUSE OF THE YEAR: This person or house has exhibited talent, good tailoring and has outstanding collections that are functional, well finished and well known among the masses. This person or house must exhibit creativity in collections

  1. UNIQUE MODEL OF THE YEAR: This model is either a Petite (5.6 feet below) or Plus size model who defies the average physical attributes of a model, carries herself well, has booked a lot of jobs, is versatile and very confident. This model should belong to a reputable agency and has a portfolio.

  1. BEST PHOTOMODEL: Awarded to a Model who is photogenic, has a strong physique and has done many photoshoots. Has a strong Social media presence and has done some creative Photo Concepts.

  1. BEST MODEL PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO/PHOTOGRAPHER: This photo studio or photographer takes exceptional creative shots of models, both on the Runway and/or on-locations. Should have a good reputation among models and a vibrant social media content relating to modelling activity. Must possess various creative Concept shoot with Models for assessment.

  1. MODEL AGENCY OF THE YEAR: This agency has the most clients, has booked a lot of jobs for their models. This agency is fair with the rates, has provided their models with portfolios, z-cards. Agents are mostly present at all jobs related to their models; agency protects the rights of the models and fights on their behalf.

  1. RUNWAY MODEL OF THE YEAR: This model has the look of a runway model is 5’9 feet or taller, has a lean physic, has been very active on major fashion runways and is easily identifiable. This model should have a verifiable portfolio.

  1. PROMISING AGENCY OF THE YEAR: This Agency is less than or is a year old and but steadily making progress in the industry. Agents are mostly present at all jobs related to their models; agency protects the rights of the models and fights on their behalf.

  1. MOST POPULAR FASHION EVENT OF THE YEAR: Awarded to a fashion event that is very popular and well patronized. This Event must have a good rating among Models and should not be in less than its 3rd Edition.