Travelogue to thrill with Music Adventures of a Nigerian Mandopop Singer in China

In line with its culture at the Ministry of Travelogue where the rendering of tourism delights has no strictures, Travelogue takes you to a culture-first-destination—where the practice of culture is still very chief in their ways of life:food—it's taste and how they eat, Fashion—their traditional attires are still envogue, music and movies toe the same vein in the middle country—China. The modern-day China is a mix of the old and new with lots of Western influence but still retains their ancient beliefs and culture. Home to martial arts, China is chief in the mentions of countries with  wide offerings of music tourism and has one of the best nightlifes in the world.

On the strength of upping its offering of tourism delights, the active promoter of tourism in Nigeria looked to the middle country and bring you the Music Adventures of a Nigerian Mandopop Singer, one who is very much one of our own, Emmanuel Uwechue popularly known as Hao Ge—who serenades the Chinese audience, the entirety of Asia and Chinese communities across the globe with his music, is giving a tremendous representation of our home Country, Nigeria, projects a sterling image for it, strengthening ties between the two countries that share great similarities in population, ethnicity, and demographics and also represents Africa with his very valid personage.

In this episode, Hao Ge who is the Cultural Ambassador for Nigerians in Diaspora, will have you engaged by singing from  his soul, wow you with his unique rendering of Chinese music where you will also find his beautiful fluency in a language that seems strange to many.