VIDEO:That dress gave me life—He's just an amazing designer... Doris Simeon lauds AY Stitches

In this world, there are worlds and one of them is the world of fashion where recognitions are abound and amongst them is exceptional recognition given to  those who know the onions of the form of art—but it is important to note that only a few have gained it. While some in their quest for it live their whole life collecting dust, the testament of the unique strength of AY Stitches wealth of style—resulting to his clients lauding his outfits and fashion know-how is having him bask in it with prominence. 

To up this prominence, Beauteous Nollywood Star, Doris Simeon, who is Chief in the mentions of celebrities who are ever-constant in the game of fashion slay-age has lauded AY Stitches as an amazing designer whose outfit gave her life. 

In a video chat, the delightful actor shared how she met the couturier reputed for his fabulous catalogue, how she felt donning his outfit and what to expect next.

Watch the video below...