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Six health benefits of chaya, the ‘miracle plant’

Chaya, called ‘miracle plant’ and ‘hospital too far leaves’, has several health benefits.
The plant is said to be able to cure over 100 diseases. It can either be eaten with local delicacies or the liquid can be extracted from squeezing the leaves.
Called ‘efo Iyana-ipaja’ by the Yorubas and ‘ugu oyibo’ by the Igbos, some of its health benefits are:
Cures skin blisters and scratches
Blisters on the skin can be cured by squeezing the juice from the leaves and applying to the affected skin.
Aids digestion
Consuming chaya can help cure constipation as it stimulates the digestive system to smoothen defecation process.
Cures fever, rheumatism and inflammation
Rheumatism can be resolved through the continuous consumption of chaya leaves which are rich in protein, calcium, flavonoid, etc.
The leaves are also said to cure fever, especially in children and can cure inflammation in the teeth and gums which cause discomfort.
Resolves vaginal issues and boosts vitality in men
Chaya leaves can resolve sexual issues revolving around vaginal discharge and boost vitality in men. The natural essence in the leaves assist in maintaining a healthy vagina and also contains vitamins which help support spermatogenesis; the production and development of sperm.
Excellent blood builder
Researchers have discovered that chaya helps to treat anaemia in both children and adults and also manages blood pressure.