what art thou?!!

By Ogar Ando

Before thou came to earth, thou waited nine months.

When thou came out , thou waited six months to crawl.

Thou waited a year plus to take thy first step.

Thou waited two years to say thy first words.

Thou waited three years to have basic education.

Thou waited sixteen years to go study further.

Thou waited twenty five year to earn an income.

Thou waited thirty years to raise a family
Thou waited fifty years to train your wards.

Thou waited seventy years to see them achieve greatness.

Thou waited eighty years to be taken care of by them.

Thou waited ninety years to be buried.

All thy life thou hath waited on something .

What art thou o man?

Thou art nothing but dust, for thou cometh from dust and to dust thou goes forth.

Waited thou no more but only on thy creator, for then only thou shall be waiting on something real.