4G spectrum:Expect faster internet, improved service 'for free'—Vodafone Ghana CEO to Customers

Yolanda Cuba Voda Ceo

Customers of Vodafone Ghana should expect to have faster internet speed and improved service quality with the acquisition of the 4G spectrum according to Vodafone Ghana CEO.
Yolanda Cuba noted aside these benefits, customers should also anticipate the rollout of good products and services when the 4G comes into full force in 2019.

The CEO of Vodafone Ghana, Yolanda Cuba disclosed that the recently acquired 4G spectrum is expected to be fully operational by the end of the second quarter of 2019.

This she believes will pave way for customers to experience the full benefits that come with the 4G which is improved technology. 

Judging from customers' reaction to the quality of service Vodafone Ghana offers now, Yolanda Cuba expressed confidence that the 4G network would provide better deliverables. 

"If I look at overall what the consumer can expect, it is definitely better connectivity and better speed in terms of what we will deliver to them and in terms of the innovative products that are out there like the Ekiki mi, like 10x and so on, we will continue putting such products out there. And for us, it is important to stay ahead of the curve and be recognised as one of the most innovative companies in Ghana. I want to say to all our customers, that this is the time to actually expect new and exciting things from us and as we roll out our 4G network we promise you better speed, better connectivity and better quality of service" she assured in an interview with Ghanaweb. 
4G spectrum: Vodafone Ghana CEO assures customers of faster internet speed and improved service 'for free'
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Despite the introduction of the 4G, the Vodafone CEO was quick to allay fears of customers that it will result in higher charges for voice and data usage.

Yolanda Cuba was emphatic with her response about the cost and stressed "no, no like I was saying the cost of electricity doesn't go up just because we are using a different technology to generate it. We are not expecting it to happen at all. We as a business have revamped our tagline to say 'The future is exciting. Ready' and that really was around our commitment to say this is a journey with our customers"

Vodafone Ghana successfully won the bid to obtain a licence to operate the 4G service after National Communications Authority opened up for talks from interested parties in September 2018.

Vodafone Ghana secured the licence from the NCA after only two companies expressed interests to operate and establish the mobile service.

National Communications Authority after negotiations with Vodafone Ghana sold the 4G spectrum at $30 million. 

The sale of the Spectrum is in line with Section 58 of Electronic Communications Act 2008, Act 775 on Spectrum Management which highlights the NCA’s mandate and the options for Frequency Assignment.

The acquisition of the licence allows Vodafone Ghana to deploy services in the 4G Spectrum. 

Acquiring 'expensive' 4G spectrum is longterm strategic investment - Vodafone Ghana CEO
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Culled from Ghanaweb
Acquiring 'expensive' 4G spectrum is longterm strategic investment - Vodafone Ghana CEO
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