CitiHeight Luxury Hotel: A valid embodiment of Hospitality ensuring zenith thrills

See the best view of the Mainland, feel a perfect hospitality thrill and explore a graceful ambiance of CitiHeight Luxury Hotel

Hospitality is ever-connected with tourismㄧso much is in the delights of tourism and hospitality is most certainly a ‘key’ mention because the beauties abound in it are part of the delights glorifying tourismand in the heart of the economic capital of the West African sub-region is a valid embodiment of hospitality with height, light and space to ensure guests enjoy zenith thrills in this internationally inspired luxuryCitiHeight Luxury Hotel.
At CitiHeight Luxury Hotel, an unlike anything else elegance is rendered with a magnificent classfeaturing stunning interiors with 60 ultra-modern rooms and a gym brimful to its totality.

With this first-rate Destination Hotel, much more than a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment is assuredly sure –as the features ranges on with a banquet hall, meeting rooms, swimming pool, Spa, Bar and Restaurant where drinks and food is aplenty in varieties to tend to every guests’ choice of interest.

Guests in the know of the Restaurant’s rich offerings of fried shrimps, jumbo lobster, and variety of steaks, grilled meat and assorted marinated fish with guarantee to satisfy discerning palates, always express great admiration.