Flobyt partners Eat N’ Go, to provide free WiFi at Domino’s Pizza outlets

Flobyt partners Eat N’ Go, to provide free WiFi at Domino’s Pizza outlets
Technology Company, Tsaboin has partnered with Eat n’ Go, a restaurant group company to provide free WiFi at every Domino’s Pizza outlet nationwide.
Yes! Free Wi-Fi is available in all Domino’s Pizzas stores this Christmas!
Whether at work or at play, mobile capabilities are integrated into customers’ day-to-day lives, and now they want to expand it to every shopping experience.
That is why Eat N’ Go (owners of Domino’s Pizza, Pinkberry, Coldstone) partners Flobyt to provide “FREE Wifi” in all their outlets across Nigeria to give more mobile experience to their customers while enhancing their business in such a way that will make them serve their customers better.
This service is absolutely free and available in all stores already in Lagos, Abeokuta, Ibadan, Enugu, Port Harcourt and Abuja.
As more businesses offer free WiFi, customers are starting to expect it. WiFi is moving away from a luxury perk to an expectation. Brands that ignore this option today will struggle to keep up tomorrow.
And more brands like Domino’s Pizza, Pinkberry, Coldstone and UBA Group prefer Flobyt to other Free Wifi providers as they do not just provide Free Wifi and calculate the numbers of visits but provide analytics and insights in realtime that helps QSR’s offer better value to their customers.
This spurs engagement with brands and this also provides a huge opportunity for advertisers to reach a large range of audience.
“It’s my pleasure to announce our partnership with Eat N’ Go to create another avenue to give out free WiFi. Domino’s Pizza and the other brands have been known for a long while for their customer satisfaction, so adding free WiFi to their offering shows that they are ready to take it to the next level” Dele Odufuye, managing director and chief executive officer of Flobyt, said in a statement.