'Nigeria may be up for sale’ — Oyedepo misinterprets satire on Jubril from Sudan (video)

‘Nigeria may be up for sale’ — Oyedepo misinterprets satire on Jubril from Sudan (video)
David Oyedepo, founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, says it is possible that Nigeria is being recolonised by another African nation.
The preacher said this at his church auditorium in Otta, Ogun state, while commenting on the rumors that President Muhammadu Buhari is dead.
In a video currently trending on social media, Oyedepo quoted an article written by Olatunji Dare, a columnist of the Nation Newspaper, saying Buhari could have died when he sought medical treatment in London and that someone cloned as him is currently presiding over Nigeria.
Referring to the piece, Oyedepo said the Nigerian government entered an agreement with the family of one Jubril in Sudan to give them a replacement for Buhari and that the resources of the nation is now being shared with Sudan.
Known for satire, Dare in the piece Oyedepo quoted, had taunted those propagating the rumor that Buhari had died.
Dare jocularly said representatives of the Jubril family showed up in Abuja and threatened to spill the beans if the federal government did not meet their demands.
The preacher said the federal government had refused to issue a statement, debunking what Dare wrote, fueling speculations that it could be true.
In Poland on Sunday, Buhari told some Nigerians based in the European nation that his opponents were behind the rumors of his death.
Below is the video of Oyedepo speaking: