ARAMIDE'S PERSPECTIVES: Cost of acquiring skills

By Adefemi Aramide 

It is really heartbreaking when one sees young and vibrant people in Bet Naija shops than we see them in skill acquisition centers.

Sometimes making any decision is better than making no decision. You can learn to embrace the skill of making decisions in uncertain situations and greatly improve your ability to lead.

It is  not like most of these people do not want to acquire skills, the cost of acquiring these skills won't just  permit them. 

I have heard lots of people say there is no enabling  environment but the truth is  there is enabling environment for everyone and everything each of us want to do.

The main problem is the cost of acquiring these skills. The cost of acquiring this skills are just too expensive especially for  those that are just starting and has never worked in their lives. How do they get to pay their tutors?

We all should make a conscious effort in helping people acquire skills at affordable rates  as it is the cheapest way some people can acquire knowledge and make a living  for themselves.

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