ICC-Services: Séverine Lawson and Nicaise Fagnon expected at La Criet today

Strongly demanded by public opinion, the testimony of Séverine Lawson will be a reality on Monday. The judicial officer of the treasury at the time of the facts will be listened to by the judges of the court of repression of the economic crimes and terrorism (Criet) within the framework of the trial Icc-services.She was summoned for this day, along with the former Minister of Transport, Nicaise Fagnon.

The judicial officer of the treasury at the time of the facts will be at the helm this January 14, 2019. By the role it played in the management of the crisis, depositors, curious to know the follow-up given to the property seized from the accused , could finally have answers to their concerns. According to some people who are following this trial closely, Séverine Lawson, as chair of the commission to monitor and manage illegal fundraising and money-laundering structures, may be able to situate the court on the management of seized property and which should be used to repay the looted.
In the case of the former minister Nicaise Fagnon, his summons before the Criet is driven by the remarks of Mr. Guy Akplogan, principal promoter of the ICC-Services structure who affirmed that he graciously gave 5 million CFA francs every Fridays for at least two months to the Minister of Transport at the time to which he was entrusted by President Yayi Boni as part of the construction of Tourou airport. "  I went in person at least twice to his office in Cotonou to give him the money, " reassured Guy Akplogan.
Words immediately denied by Fagnon who said he was ready to appear before the Criet to wash his honor. "They fired on the ground. The construction of Tourou airport had already been awarded to Colas a year before my appointment. These are just false allegations and we will respond at the right time , "he wrote. His presence before the court of repression of economic crimes and terrorism was therefore necessary to allow the court to confront the depositions.