Enakhena asks: Every child of God trusts in the Lord but is it wholeheartedly?

Benson Enakhena, General Overseer, El-Shaddai Salvation Family Ministries (ESFM), has wondered why every child of God trusts in the Lord but not “wholeheartedly”.

Enakhena on Sunday 14, January 2019 said this while preaching on the topic “Trusting in the Lord wholeheartedly”.

He said some say: after going to church for two Sundays if this situation doesn’t change, I will stay.

“You are too small to give God a condition, this year 2019 don’t give God condition”. Enakhena added

“When Esther believed in God wholeheartedly she took a decision, saying: if I will die let me die, if I will live let me live—when Daniel took such decision trusting in the Lord completely, the Lord elevated him.

“If you are not trusting God wholeheartedly there will be doubts in your mind and when there is doubt your faith is weak and when your faith is weak you can not quantify the blessings of God coming for you.

Reading the book of Mathew 6:31, Enakhena asks, who are the gentiles? They are the people that do not believe in God—those that trust in their wisdom, they trust in their work of hand, they trust in canal things. He answered.

Enakhena further added that he that trust in the lord worry not about tomorrow morning—worry not about what is going to happen next because when you trust in the lord, he takes over your tomorrow morning, your next day—the Lord has started working on your agenda, review your imagination.

“Everything you think you need, your heavenly father is well aware of it. If God knows all this things, what do you need for God to release them unto you? Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness—some of us come to the church because we are having headache or need a job—how do you seek the kingdom of God?” He asked.

“Walk according to the laws of the bible, be addicted to the word of God, walk in the ways of the Lord, trust in the Lord, believe what the word is telling you and activate them in your life—you must be the doer of the word and not the hearer of the word.

“The word is telling us to seek Jesus first, love Jesus—he alone knows how to position you—what you are looking for maybe little to what God wants to do for you but because you are not focusing on him, not listening to him and not paying attention to him let alone patient truly in him—you see yourself sinking—when you walk according to instructions things put themselves in place.

 “Recently I find that the words of our mouth is what is killing Nigeria... We don't believe in our country, we don't trust in our country, our leaders don't trust us, we don't trust our leaders... How do we move forward? When Nepa takes light, you say God punish Nepa they are dead then how do you expect them to survive it? How do you expect the system to work when you are using your mouth to kill them? Bless your country!! If you abuse America a four years old boy or girl of America will cry as if you have hit him with a sword—Today Americans will say God bless America—what happens to Nigeria—ah that country don finish, is dead and the power of life and death lies in your tongue—likewise in your personal life you say I am tired of this marriage, I am tired of this job, you use your mouth to condemn everything—he that trust in the Lord sees possibility not negativity—he that trust in the Lord always see the light—you will not see darkness.

“Jesus wanted to show the people something, in the beginning Jesus told Peter to lend him his boat but It is important to note that Jesus never needed it to cross over the sea, He wanted Peter to become his friend—Jesus don't need anything from anybody—He just wanted Peter to be a Fisher of men and stop fishing fishes—in every situation you pass through, God is showing you a new road, a new thing—don’t breakdown because of any situation, the lord is waiting for you,don't look at that situation, look at that new thing.

“Peter trusted in the Lord and there was wave... Let me tell you something, when you give your heart to God there must be a wave, there must be a shaken but hold on to God do not fear, do not shake, do not allow your faith to come down.

“Fear is the beginning of setback, failure, defeat, and death. From today, be bold, he that carries Christ faces every trouble without fear—he said I am in you, you are in me. You assume the position of a lion—the position of the rock of ages.
“God said can I do anything without telling my friend Abraham. Abraham believed in God and trusted him wholeheartedly... When God said wake up, he wakes up... When God said sacrifice your son he sacrifices his son, when God said leave your father's house, he left then he became God's friend. You can not be God's friend if you don't obey him”.

Enakhena led the church to pray with three key prayer points and they are:

  • My Father, my Father,  my Father, give me the grace to trust in you wholeheartedly. 
  • Father, take the spirit of doubt away from me. 
  • Father, as I trust in you, I will not wait in vain.  



Can what is classic be likened to what is divine? Absolute, definite no—Worship at the El-Shaddai Salvation Family Ministries is undoubtedly divine and Mrs. Justina Philips' ever-connecting-to-heaven ministration powered by the energetic feel of grace in her voice where the unique strength of God is evident shows how divinity surpasses classic—Mrs Phillips in company of the ESFM Choir sang rivers of songs in worship that engaged the church with the needed flow and the contributive sounds of trumpet, guitars, piano and the drum followed through with the progression of her divinely powered ministration. Still in divinity, she led the church to an adventure of praise and danced approvingly well to endear the congregation into dancing—with this vim on course, the pathway to heaven was established with varietal praises—this she ended with chief praise poetry to our God and the devil most likely envied.


The book of John 1:1 is a valid help to the understanding of the word of God
Why do we need the word of God? 

We need the word of God to teach us, direct us so as to enable us know our way—most of all, we need the word of God over Satan. It is the word of God that makes a difference in the life of a man—we need the word of God to manage our husbands, wives, children—as a matter of fact, the word of God is so big that it's definition can not be quantified. It is the word of God that enables us to be taught—it is divinely inspired—cogent perspective by Prophetess Regina.

In furtherance to bringing to light why we need the word of God, Austin Eke, the Sunday School teacher, shared the book of John 1:3 and said the bible describes the word of God as the creator. He said that the word of God helps you and I to live a pure life—that is, stay away from sin.

Psalm 119:11; Matthew 4:4 

Furthering on, he said that the devil runs away when we come with the word of God. Jesus confronted the devil with the word of God, the enemy flees when we use the word of God—the word of God is a help to finding out what God wants you to be—it is a searchlight to observe what you are.
Psalm 119:105; Deuteronomy 6:6
When you have the word of God inside your heart what becomes of you? What light is in the dark is what the word of God is to man. The word of God is a great help in soul winning. Eke warned that the eloquency of our speech cannot win a soul but the word of God. Hebrews 4:12 the word of God is quick and powerful—it does the conviction for us—it's a help in soul winning, a wonderful help for comfort.

Eke added that as a child of God, the word of God covers the whole aspect of man, it builds us up and makes us heir apparent of the kingdom of God Acts 20:32. Sanctifiers are those that are overtly sanctified—you have to be precise of what you believe—the word of God builds up our faith Romans 10:17.  It is the sword of Spirit Ephesians 6:17, the only shield for your salvation—it shields you from sin.

Once you are carrying or created in the image and likeness of God, the power and the word of God is in you... Revelation 22:19.

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