Enakhena describes the light of God as the strength of a man

What is most assuredly a given is that, God projects himself through revered apostle Benson Enakhena, general overseer, El-Shaddai Salvation Family Ministries (ESFM) to bring his children to the very know of HIM and HIS word. Having welcomed his members with an apt message on the topic “My Little Beginning” at the first Sunday of the year and followed through with another topic “Trusting in the Lord wholeheartedly” the revered apostle on Sunday 20, January 2019 toed the same vein with the topic “The Strength of God”. Ever-constant with the rare ability of bringing to light the exact understanding of the word of God, Enakhena brought to fore the very know of not only what the strength of God is but it's mightiness . 

During his preaching on the strength of God, Enakhena said that this strength has been given to me and you, it has been available for us, but the usage of this strength has become a problem to man. 

He said as children of God certain things we look outside for help are with us, are in us, are around us, within us but because we cannot recognise that strength of God in us, we begin to look for help where there is no help...we begin to go to places for help from people who are to come to us for help.

Reading Psalm 27:1 Enakhena said the light is the highest strength a man can have, no matter the instrument you carry, no matter the weapon you carry, if the light of where you are is switched off darkness envelopes you...you do nothing in the dark, no matter how good you are in that your field, when there's darkness you do nothing.

“The light of God is the strength of man that is why before the creation in the book of Genesis 1: it said let there be light and there was light—The light brought the strength and God started to create—The light of God is the strength of man, that is the reason why when a man begins to commit sin darkness begins to envelope him, disappointment begins to come, crisis follow through—The light of God is the strength of man and Jesus is the light.

“When a man face a situation, there are situations you face and you begin to say oh this is the end of it, this is the end of my life but at that moment Jesus is your strength for you to carry on, for you to cross over—unless you recognize that in Jesus your strength cannot fail, your heart cannot fail, you will see yourself going down—It's the understanding of the strength of God that differentiates believers from unbelievers.

1 Sam 30:8

“We are talking about the strength of God, David was a warrior, a fighter, a ruler and a servant of God. But a time came, when the philistines came to his town when David and his men was not around, they took everything that belongs to David and his people, took his people, wives, children, farmers... When David came back he did not say ooh I am a warrior, a fighter, a ruler, who is that, that has dared to take my people? So right now I am going to war, I am going to fight, I am going to kill, I am going to destroy... Immediately David recognized that he has no power of his own, he has no strength of his own, he cannot do it alone—knowing that God is his strength, his power and what did he do? He went straight to God to enquire: father see what has happened, should I pursue this troop? Should I fight this battle? And the Lord said go, you shall pursue, you shall overtake and you shall recover all and you shall not fall.

“David pursued and he overtook in 1 Sam 30:17 - 20. when David depended on God he recovered all according to the promises of God. Let me ask, assuming David did not enquire from God before going after that troop what would have happened to David? Don't take a decision without God”, Enakhena warned.

Still citing David Enakhena said that because David carried the strength of God, because he enquired from God the bible says he won the battle, he slew them all except the ones that flee before the arrival of David and he recovered all that no one survived, no one lost, why? because he carried the strength of God. The man that carries the strength of God cannot fail, one with God is majority.

“You cannot do it yourself.. you cannot do it alone...that power is not available for you...except by the strength of God...except by the power of God—You wake up in the morning you are going for that business and you say that you are already late you cannot pray...you are going with your strength and not with the strength of God—the time you are supposed to have a meeting with God you are pursuing that business where is the result? You embark on that journey, saying I have made up my mind... Who are you to make up your mind without the consent of Jesus? If you make up your mind without the consent of Jesus be ready to fail.

“A man that carries the strength of God cannot be stranded...before your house rent expires God will provide...every problem you are about to face God is already aware and he is providing the solution to the problem.

Enakhena furthered on with correlating his teaching with the scriptures using the book of 1 Sam 17:10,11,43,44,45,46.

He stressed that there's Jesus inside your weakness, inside that sickness, inside that trouble—immediately you recognize Him that sickness goes, that trouble bows.

“Something happened to the Israelites which happens to us everyday—The Philistines sent out a message to put fear in the Israelites...Satan cannot attack a bold man and a man cannot be bold without the fear of God...A man with the Spirit of God cannot be afraid of anything...Saul was afraid because the Spirit of God was no more with him but with David. At this moment David realized the power of God. Let me tell you, let no man prepare you for a spiritual battle—don't undermine what you are holding, see Jesus in what you are holding then His mightiness can now come in—David with a catapult went to battle with a man who is with the complete weapon of war—David did not say there's David in Israel—he gave the battle to God and God put words in his mouth. Immediately the strength of God entered David he became a super natural being”.

Nothing breaks like the heart...nothing is as powerful as the strength of God...this teaching brings one to a startling realisation that nothing is more important than the “know” of the strength of God.

More to follow...