ESFM choir serenades heaven with it's glorious sounds

Music is a Chief variety in the mentions of varietal things that makes life interesting. As we well know, it is a valid tool for praising and worshipping our God—it is a channel for connecting to heaven where beautiful feelings of divinity is aplenty.

The correlation of a unique voice and the rhythmic sounds from the drum by Mrs Justina Philips and young master Patrick respectively created an interesting variety of worship with the heavenly language “Halleluyah” during a time of worship at the Sunday service of El-Shaddai Salvation Family Ministries —knowing the importance of music to church, the ESFM choir ensures the church is taken to heaven with a ministration of divinity.

The service which held on Sunday 20, January 2019, saw Mrs Justina Philips render a version of the heavenly language with her unique-feel-of-grace voice and to my utmost amazement young master Patrick drummed out the exact rhythms from the drum world that followed through with Mrs Philips as she led the church to serenade heaven with its language.