God demonstrated a little beginning in the beginning, Says Benson Enakhena

You cannot prosper with selling fuel when you hate the odour of fuel... Neither can you prosper with teaching or as a teacher if you hate children...

Benson Enakhena, the general overseer of El-Shaddai Salvation Family Ministries (ESFM), says God demonstrated a little beginning in the beginning.

The revered apostle said this on Sunday 6, January 2019 during his preaching on the topic “My Little Beginning”

He said what he discovered years ago is that human race especially we the Blacks, we refuse to start little—people despise you when you start little, they even stay away from you, waiting for you to fold up when you start little—but I want to ask, when God was about to create man in the book of Genesis 1:26 what did he say? Did he say let us create men and women? Did he say let us create men? “When God was creating man it was a little beginning but he had an agenda—you must have an agenda, don't procrastinate this year—when God had an agenda he made man in his own image and likeness—and your little beginning must be something you love—your little beginning can not become something unless you love the beginning—you cannot prosper with selling fuel when you hate the odour of fuel—neither can you prosper with teaching or as a teacher if you hate children—You prosper in what you love—that's why God said let us create man in our image, Even when man deviated God still loved and drew him closer”, Enakhena said.

He went on to say “You will not be ashamed of what you love—anything you are ashamed of your love is not there, if what you are doing now you don't love it change it—even if you are prospering you are going to fall, change it—what you love even if it is difficult start it, the Lord is there to finish with you—even when God created man it was not rosey, man fell apart—God kept on with Man he gave birth to Cain and Abel and even when Cain toed the same vein with Adam God did not give up with Cain—He kept on with Man until he said let me send my only begotten son”, How far have you gone with that little beginning that you begin to discourage yourself? Enakhena asked.

“You must be consistent and available in your little beginning, when God created Adam and Eve the Bible said he will come and worship with them—do you understand that? God was consistent checking them up—even when man derailed and found out he was naked and covered himself with fig leaf—when God came after all the disobedience because God loved them He still carried the skin of an animal to cover them up—God did not say I am not doing again He said I have hope here, it is my image, I love him.

“We abuse our little beginning, we hold it with our left hand—your little beginning there is greatness, this year focus on your little beginning—the Lord said I will bless the work of your hands, the Lord did not say I will bless the NNPC.

“God himself demonstrated a little beginning in the beginning, God had the power to say let me create one million men, one million women—He did not create two but one first.

“When God created Adam he found out that Adam was lonely and He said let us give him a helper  and he did not look for the helper elsewhere, the Bible said God make him to fall into a deep sleep and remove a rib from him—let your beginning prosper itself because our God is able.

“Trust and believe in your little beginning. you must take your little beginning serious and must also be faithful with it—let your one be one and your two be two.

“Little beginning often comes with hard work and little help, nobody wants to invest in a little beginning—no Bank will loan you money in your little beginning—it needs hard work—Bank only want to hear from you when they see what they can get from you—little beginning comes with tough resistance—there are so many disappointment and failure in little beginning but as a child of God you must persist.  Adding that perseverance has departed from man...We want it hot.

He warned that nevertheless whatever God has called you to do this year do not despise.

Photo Credit: Pius Asakomhe 

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