Kingdom of Danxomè: Abomey has a new king

Died on July 2, 2018, the successor of his Majesty Dedjalagni Agoli-Agbo is known since this Saturday, January 12, 2019. His name is Sagbadjou Glèlè. He was enthroned on the throne of the "Huegbadjavi" as the new king of the kingdom of Abomey.

After the ceremonies and other rituals related to the interment of King Dédjalagni Agoli-Agbo, the royal families of Abomey proceeded on Saturday, January 12, 2019 to the appointment of a new king. After the consultations, ceremonies and rituals, the choice is focused on Dah Sagbadjou Glèlè. He thus succeeds King Dédjalagni Agoli Agbo who died on July 2, 2018.
It is under acclamation: "The night has been long. But the new day is rising on the kingdom of Dahomey " , that the good news was announced. Older than his predecessor, King Sagbadjou Glèlè is a "priest" of the traditional cult of the "Glèlè" line. According to the genealogical order, he is the only community chief to be direct grandson of King Glèlè who reigned over the kingdom of Danxomè.
Far from the fratricidal conflicts that characterize the appointment of a king in the kingdom, the coronation of Dah Sagbadjou Glèlè was consensual.
 "  It is a choice worthy, choice of the unit, under the anointing of all the  
girls and son of the great royal line Glèlè  " indicates a dignitary of the royal court by AFP
It is important to note that the kings of the different kingdoms of Benin do not have political power enshrined in the constitution. But they are holders of a moral power and a certain influence on their subjects and in their kingdom.