MACIS 2018: Mr & Mrs Francis Daodu join the fray of “Let Us”

Heaven and earth God created alone but man, in his image he created collectively,  to create man God said “Let Us”…

LAGOS, IKEJA – Francis Daodu, CEO 1860 Travels has followed through with God in saying to Marian Ekenimoh “Let us”. The wedding reception ceremony which was ultimately celebrated with drinks, food and music at The Summit Hall, Alausa CBD held on Saturday 29, December 2018.

Appearing very compatible, the couple displayed affections which showed they are an example of that which is ultimate as they led their Families, relatives, Friends, business associates, well wishers and many others to enjoy the ambiance of the environment garnished with some flowery feel.

Compered by MC Abbey and MC Uwa Idahosa, attendees enjoyed a hilarious adventure as they drank and ate in joy.

As the two became one under God, happily they danced to the encouraging feeling of happiness to marriage—that which you feel when you know you have ended up with who you are meant to be with.

Still in joy, attendees explored a drink culture accompanied with food tourism as the “Let Us” celebration progressed into dance adventure—music the heart of entertainment was provided with precision by DJ Boombastic who played songs that had both the old and young dancing tirelessly with the couple.

Erstwhile Obaye Marian Ekenimoh now Mrs Marian Daodu danced her man to her beauty in a way that lifted him like an olive branch—in furtherance with her dance she ensured he was gathered safely into her. Reciprocating, Handsome Francis Olusina Daodu danced his woman very tenderly and very long—evidently they were both beneath and above their love—they danced each other to the children who are asking to be born.

Mr. & Mrs. Francis Daodu’s union is without doubt a homeward kind love that is exceptionally unique and this endeared everyone to dance chiefly with the couple.

This wedding reception ceremony is recorded as the best wedding tourism of the year 2018.

Godfreytimes brings you moments from the occasion.


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