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Six must-know tips on how best to wear perfume

Six tips on how best to wear perfume |
Most people are obsessed with smelling good and many spend thousands on designer colognes, fragrances, perfumes and body sprays.
A common misconception in wearing fragrances is that going for expensive designer brands is the only way to smell great for a long time.
However, beyond this, there is an art to wearing fragrances that guarantee long-lasting feel.
Pay attention to the pulse points
Pulse points are those parts of the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin.
The pulse points to apply your fragrance are the wrists, behind the earlobes, the cleavage, the elbows, the base of the throat, and behind the knees.
Perfume your hair
The human hair is capable of retaining fragrances. This makes it a great idea to apply your fragrance on your hair for a long-lasting scent throughout the day.
Because fragrances contain alcohol which could potentially damage hair by drying it up or leaving it flaky, try spraying your hairbrush with your fragrance and then brushing your hair lightly to leave in the fragrance.
Remember, always apply this hack on clean, washed hair as oils contained in dirty hair can counter the effects of fragrances.
Moisturise fragrance into your skin
Another hack guaranteed to leave you smelling good all day is applying your fragrance together with your moisturising cream on slightly damp skin.
This hack is most effective as soon as you’re done having a bath. Spray your fragrance on your cream and apply onto your slightly damp skin.
Walk into fragrance
For some people, the hack of walking into their fragrance works best.
What this entails is spraying the air with your fragrance and then walking into it.
Doing this will ensure that the droplets of fragrance drop on your skin and remain there throughout the day.
While these hacks are useful, here are some mistakes to avoid:
  • Avoid rubbing fragrance into your skin. This will break down the fragrance’s structure and weaken its scent.
  • Do not drench fragrance. Some people feel the need to apply large amounts of fragrance. This is not only discomforting to your skin, but to people around you who might choke on the excess scent.