Sweat a lot? These seven tips will help you keep your cool

Sweating is the human body’s response to heat and is a natural part of everyday life.

But millions sweat excessively and feel uncomfortable about it, particularly because it may leave noticeable patches or stains on their clothing.

If you fall in that category, there are several ways you can adjust your personal climate control and avoid discomfort.

Here are seven easy and natural steps to keep you as cool and dry on a hot day.

Daily hygiene

You can get an early start on keeping cool by using a mild anti-bacterial soap when taking your shower in the morning.

Add evening showers to your daily routine for a double dose of coolness and freshness.

Don’t forget to apply antiperspirant on clean, dry skin especially where you’re prone to sweating.

You can also get special armpit pads to minimise sweat. This will help you remain fresh and dry at your most active time of the day.

Multi layered clothing

Depending on the weather, wearing light clothing with different layers can be very helpful if you sweat a lot and spend a lot of your time outdoors.

Think camisoles, tank tops, sleeveless tops and flowy loose fitting gowns (for ladies).

Pair with a button down shirt, light cardigan, kimono, shawl or jacket which can easily be taken off when you feel hot.

Appropriate footwear  

For men, wearing pure cotton socks with shoes made from natural materials (e.g. leather and suede) can allow your feet to breathe.

Rotate your shoes and make sure you sun them regularly.

You can also apply talcum powder to the insides of your shoes (especially sports footwear) to help absorb moisture and prevent them from being constantly damp and moldy.

Moderately cool temperature

If you work or spend most of your time indoors, then it may be easy to regulate your surrounding temperature.

Regular aeration or air conditioning in the room can help reduce excessive sweating.


Excessive sweating is often caused by excess weight, nicotine addiction, alcohol abuse, and consumption of spicy food and caffeinated drinks.

You may want to cut back on these and pursue a healthier lifestyle by exercising regularly, drinking lots of clean water and eating moderately spiced foods in smaller portions.

Try herbal products

If you’re averse to chemical-based products, applying certain herbs and essential oils as antiperspirant or consuming them internally can help curb excessive sweating.

Witch hazel extract is a strong astringent which dries the skin and acts as an effective antiperspirant virtually everywhere on the body.

The tannic acid in black tea is also very astringent, so washing parts of your body with cold tea may be helpful in combating sweating.

Other herbs used to reduce sweating include white vinegar, sage tea, slices of raw potato, tea tree oil and camphor combined with coconut oil.

Reduce stress and control your emotions

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, excessive sweating has been linked to depression and anxiety.

While you may need to see a doctor to determine if you have hyperhidrosis and need medication, you can manage this situation to some extent.

Try meditation, yoga, long walks, warm baths and quiet music to relieve stress and anxiety. Your body will thank you for it!