ARAMIDE'S PERSPECTIVES: Portraying Nigeria in good light


Appreciating what we own and have is very important and essential in our personal growth and National growth.

Portraying Nigeria both home and abroad in good  light  is one of the things that would change people's perspective about us and our dear country . when some people compare Nigeria and Abroad, they tend to see everything wrong with the country. Even when things are not really rosy for the country and it's citizens, it does not mean we do not have our own good side.

You see people put two videos side by side and they make that of the white people look very appealing and make it seem like everything is Perfect with them while they make the Nigerian video  or picture  look appalling like there is nothing good about us.
Talking ill about our dear country will not change things,  it will not portray the country in good light and most importantly,  it will never earn us the respect we deserve. Who will  employ you if you are from a country in bad light? Who will trust you outside your own country ? when even You, talks ill  about you own country?

We are good people, we are loving  people. Let's portray Nigeria in good light as this is all we have and we can't afford to loose it.