Enakhena:Selling away Joseph did not sell away his glory

Do we look to glory because it is what we know or because we know not of something higher than it? On this episode of GodfreyTimes Lifestyle’s gospel-happenings, we bring you ‘Greater Glory’ from El-shaddai Salvation Family Ministries (ESFM) by apostle Benson Enakhena. This message enlightened members on the difference between glory and greater glory—Information is power and power is priceless—the word of God is power to His children so its vast knowing is very vital to our lives—if you are still looking onto glory, look beyond to Greater Glory. Enakhena’s preaching on Greater Glory was a full service itself, owing to chief pronouncements and a super-awesome prayer session where prayer points that correlated with the message had members praying seriously. 

He started with saying “you were created for greater glory…You are not to beg, you are not to die an untimely death, you are not to crawl, and you are not to go back let alone be stagnant”,  and described Greater Glory as a divine experience of God’s favor, provision, protection and surprise you could never imagine.

Furthering on he said as a divine or born again child of God, you are meant to lead and rule because the excellent spirit of God is in you, because you are carrying the greater glory of God –the excellent spirit of God is in you to enable you do excellent things and a man that does excellent things, is a leader anywhere he goes. A man that carries the higher glory of God does not look up to people wherever he goes, people look up to him.

“How you started, where you are coming from, your family background, or where you are starting from makes absolutely no matter, what you are carrying is only what matters. When you carry a greater glory you are better than others: where people say ooh this speaker cannot be repaired you will say no, it sure can; When you by employment take charge of a company described to be dead, the dead company comes back to life…why? Because you are carrying a greater glory; when they say ooh such offer cannot be given to anyone but you say no! When I get there my case will be different.

 “A man that carries greater glory God singles him out from his brethren always—God singled David out from his brethren…Even when he was not available for this glory, the glory had no option but to wait for him, restlessly…no drinking of water, do not give me food until I see this man today. God has already given David that greater glory, to live over them, to rule over them, to be the champion.

“When you carry greater glory do not expect others to measure up with you –you are in a family, you help others to prosper and you are complaining they are not flourishing as much as they should, no, don’t expect them to be in your level because you are the one carrying a greater glory…they cannot be like you.

“Know that a man that carries greater glory, Satan will never let him rest —powers are there to bring or trap him down, powers are there to make him derail. But I tell you the power of God will take you to where you are going.

John 11:23 – 25

“He that believeth in Jesus, you may be poor, maybe sick but I tell you, you shall be rich again, it shall be well with you again, in the name of Jesus. Lazarus was dead and buried not one day, two or three but for four days…do you know something? In the Jewish tradition, there is a belief that when a man dies, after burying him the spirit is still roaming around for two, three days—our God is a God that specializes in making the impossibility possible.

“Elijah woke the dead, Apostle Paul woke the dead, but when Jesus came because he was carrying a greater glory, he decided to do a different thing that is harder and greater than others. He said no, I will not just wake Lazarus up from the dead, they will say this is another Elijah, Elijah had already awoken the dead…I am going to allow this my friend to be buried and he was buried. Then the lord came saying I am the resurrection and life, whosoever believeth in me, even if they are dead and buried they shall receive life.

Enakhena enjoined his members to say the greater one is in me…because the greater one is in me; I am carrying a greater glory.

John 11:35 – 44 

“Jesus answered saying didn’t I tell you that he who believes shall see the glory of God? The glory of God makes impossibility possible.

“The greater glory of God is to do exploits and unimaginable things.

Genesis 39:2 – 4

After reading Genesis 39: 2 – 4, Enakhena asked the Lord was with whom? Joseph! Chorally the members answered.

“If the lord is with you then you are carrying a greater glory and the people around you will experience that glory in your life—because the lord was with Joseph, selling away Joseph did not sell away his glory…selling away Joseph did not make him poor—a man that is spiritually rich cannot be physically poor.

“When Joseph overcame that throne, even the brothers that sold him could not recognize him when they saw him…they went back to their father and said we saw the lord of Egypt—because Joseph was carrying greater glory, even the king himself recognized that this man is carrying glory-special.

“Look, note that the glory of God has started manifesting in Joseph’s life way before he narrated the dream to the King or was brought to the prison.
Before citing the issue of Moses, Enakhena asked who can battle with the Lord? Again chorally, nobody was the answer.

He added that poverty cannot battle with the Lord, your sickness cannot battle with the Lord, the marine kingdom, coven, and evil altars cannot battle with the Lord.

Exodus 7: 8 – 12

“God told Moses when you get to Pharaoh he will say show me your miracle…when he says so, drop the rod you are holding and it will become a serpent but when it turned into serpent Pharaoh laughed saying aren’t we the makers of serpents? Then he called all the magicians and each one of them came with a rod, had them enchanted, turning them into serpents—remember the word of God? One with God is what? Majority. He said 1000 shall go down on your left and 10,000 by your right and none shall touch you—the rod of Moses swallowed the rods of the magicians along with their power of enchantment and they left empty.

After pronouncing to the lives of his members that the Lord shall empty the power of your enemies today and the power of God in your life shall be full, Enakhena said no other power can fight that battle and asked who can battle with the Lord?

He stated what greater glory enables one to do:

When a man carries a greater glory he prospers beyond measure.
When a man carries a greater glory he does unusual things like Elijah.
When you carry a greater glory you finish well not start well…no great man in the bible started well but they finished well because they carry the greater glory.
When you carry greater glory you break uncommon ground.
When you carry greater glory God uses you for signs and wonders.
When you carry greater glory you break records of other champions.
When you carry greater glory you do excellent things.
When you carry greater glory you lead perfectly.

He then led the church to an awesome time of prayer. Below are the prayer points…

Father, my life is available, manifest your greater glory in my life, in the name of Jesus.
Holy spirit of the Living God, empower me to achieve greater things, in the name of Jesus.
I will not settle for lesser success, but greater success, in the name of Jesus.
God my Father, by your mercy, burst open your greatness in me, in the name of Jesus.
You arrow of lesser achievement backfire, in the name of Jesus.
Father, this year let your greater glory be seen in my life, in the name of Jesus.
Almighty God, cause me to walk into your greater glory this year, in the name of Jesus.
You my glory that has been buried like that of Lazarus, come alive, in the name of Jesus.
Every attack against my glory, backfire in the name of Jesus.
I receive the gift of my greater glory, in the name of Jesus.

Leaving out the pronouncements and self-pronouncements would be leaving out a lot, so please find them below…

As you believe, greater glory of God shall envelop you in the name of Jesus.
The Lord will undermine your faith to bless you this year.
From today, anywhere I go people will look up to me. Kings and queens will look up to me in the name of Jesus.
Say my case shall be different in the name of Jesus.
I pray for you this day, you are going with a greater glory.
From today your life shall be available for God to make the impossibility possible in the name of Jesus.
Your business shall receive life, your marriage, career, destiny, star, shall all receive life in the name of Jesus.
Every blocking stone in your health, finance, marriage, career, business, the mighty hand of God shall roll them away in the name of Jesus.
Your glory shall come forth from today, your destiny, every blessing that belongs to you, that has been taken away from you, whether to the marine kingdom, coven, the evil altar or the pit of hell…I pray in the name of Jesus that from this day, they shall come forth by fire in the name of Jesus.
I pray for you that the greater anointing of God shall fall on you in the name of Jesus.
As many that are fighting you now, they shall see you in greater glory and will not recognize you...they shall see the greater glory of God in your life in the name of Jesus.
I pray for someone this day, henceforth whatever you lay your hands upon shall prosper.
Times of hardworking and eating little are over in the name of Jesus.
With little effort there shall be a great success in the name of Jesus.
I pray from today you will find favor in the sight of Kings and Queens.
As many that undermine the power of God in your life, they shall be disgraced by fire in the name of Jesus.
I decree and declare into your life, from today, the power of God shall swallow every power in you…the power of God shall swallow every poverty, stagnation, sickness, coven, marine kingdom, evil altar in the name of Jesus.

   Photo Credit: Benita Omosomi Enakhena and  Ernest Chinwe