How to find love again as a single parent

Admittedly, the emotional and physical strains that accompany catering for children without a partner usually make dating seem impossible. But being a single parent does not mean you have to give up on your love life.

If you belong to this category, these relationship tips will help you get back into the dating scene and possibly find love again:

Get over your ex

Divorce and separation can get nasty, leaving trails of betrayal, guilt and loneliness. It is important you take the first step to getting rid of these toxic emotions — leaving the past and focusing on the future. Although getting over someone you once loved can be difficult, when you finally do, you will be ready to embrace love again.

Learn from past mistakes

Get realistic when choosing the kind of man or woman you want for your new relationship. Take a critical look at your past mistakes and deliberately decide not to repeat the same when the right partner comes.

Invest in your look

For some single parents, lacking a partner who compliments their appearance can discourage regular body grooming and make them overlook their outlook. But if you consider starting a new relationship, then you have to start spending on your look. Single dads can go for a clean shave, and shop for cool cologne and outfits. You can also consider upgrading your wardrobe as a single mom.

Create time to have fun

Amidst your busy schedule, it is necessary you create time to relax and mingle with people, except you are considering taking up online dating. Depending on your personality and the kind of man or woman you intend to attract, social events and public places are good meeting points for new acquaintances.

Take away guilt

Feeling guilty that you are considering a new relationship with someone other than your children’s dad or mom is another issue you have to deal with. Bear in mind that you have a right to be happy and explain this to your children. Also, make efforts to ensure your dating plans do not affect your relationship with your children.

Remember you now have kids

Unlike in previous relationships when you had no children and could fantasize about the ideal man or woman you want, you have to be more responsible now than before. Remember you now have kids and while choosing a new partner, make sure he or she understands this fact and is ready to love and support you, as well as your kids.