Like Nollywood Stars Journalist styled by AY Stitches—shine to pinnacle of fashion success

When you wear an outfit well founded in grace, glamour is sure, elegance is certain, most of all grace itself is evident in your appearance which brings about being bold and further ensures you shine to the pinnacle of fashion success—this was my experience at the 2018 African Travel Times Awards which was held in Accra, Ghana on Thursday 13, December where I shined as a Journalist from Nigeria owing to my outstanding appearance which was powered by one of Nigeria's leading fashion couturier, AY Stitches—A uniquely white pure Italian linen finely touched with an African design enabled the acceptance of my personality which paved the way for journalism ease at the 2018 ATTA—Other notable personalities who have also shined with this concept of design are Nollywood Stars Desmond Elliot and IK Ogbonna. 

Ghana formerly called the Gold Coast is a country evidently a mention in the list of beautiful places in Africa—there's beauty in its culture, environs and most importantly it's people and these people who know elegance, appreciate it with gladness when they see one—it is on the strength of this evidence, the combination of black Italian linen and wool stripes AY Stitches outfit that gave me elegance my personality was again embraced and I shined on at the red carpet show of the maiden edition of the 2018 Ghana Modeling Industry Awards (GMIA) where a valid pride of Ghanaian beauty, Mariam Teboah-Boateng, Founder & CEO of MARI-TEG AGENCY who was also elegant in her smock attire glorified with her natural ponytailed hairstyle and garnished with local beads necklace, appreciated my elegance and it interestingly seemed a Gold Coast elegance meet Naija elegance.


GMIA 2018: Ghanaians shine in an outfit well founded in grace

At the main event 2018 GMIA, where I presented the award for best make-up artist of the year to Queen Jesse, I shined further in my AY Stitches outfit and thanks in large to its gracefulness my appearance was fit for the presentation—it would have been a huge error if the publisher of Godfreytimes was found lagging behind fashion wise but what is chiefly a given is that you prosper in what you love and AY Stitches is following through with God who prospered in man by prospering in his making of outfits well founded in grace because it is absolutely without a doubt what he loves.