Six hairstyles to consider while transitioning to natural hair

Nowadays, many women are gravitating towards natural hair. While some take a bold plunge and chop off their relaxed hair, others consider as a less drastic option that allows them keep their long hair by stopping the use of relaxers while growing out new, curly natural tresses.

The relaxed ends are later trimmed off; this process is known as transitioning.

Although a transitioned hair allows you to take baby steps, it usually looks unkempt and uneven because you have two different hair textures at a time, and picking the right hairstyle can be a burden.

Here are five stylish hairstyles you should try out on your transitioning journey:

Wigs: Your hair needs as much protection as it can get during this period, and wigs are a lifesaver.

Investing in long, pixie, straight or curly wigs will make you bother less about your transitioned hair.

You can chose to do cornrows or just style your hair into a bun and then have it covered with any wig of your choice.

Didi cornrows: This are otherwise known as inverted cornrows. They are traditional plaits you can try on, especially if you want a bold African hairstyle.

Your stylist can help you choose the right Didi hairdo that best suits your face shape and hair texture.

Crochet braids: These are your magic wands for transitioned hair worries. Similar to wigs, they are protective hairstyles that help prevent breakage by putting less pressure on your hair especially on your transitioned hair.

Accessorised styling: The easiest way to look stunning on your transitioned hair is by assessorisng it.

You can complement your transitioned hair with accessories like headbands, fancy pins, kinky and synthentic bun clips.

Bantu knots: Bantu knots are your alternative to relaxers wet sets if you want a mass of curly hair.

Bantu knots are made at night and loosened the next day to make the hair curly and puffy. To prevent breakage, ensure your hair is well moisturised before making the knots.

Twists and box braids: Even on transitioned hair, you can still wear colourful hair extensions, and make beautiful twists and box braids.

However, give attention to the weak part linking you budding natural hair with relaxed while choosing your hairstyle.

Preferably, make big box braids and twits to put less pressure on your hair and prevent hair loss.