There's a strength beyond human imagination when you give thanks to God, Says Enakhena

When you dance Satan is angry, when he's angry he loses control, when he loses control, you become a winner...Dance in Thanksgiving to God and be a winner today—this was revered apostle Benson Enakhena's charge to his members in his preaching on the message “Power in Thanksgiving”...

As it is the tradition to dedicate first Sundays of every month to give thanks to our God, El-Shaddai Salvation Family Ministries (ESFM) a prospective contributive factor to religious tourism in not-too-distant-future, chiefly practiced this cogent tradition on Sunday, February 3, 2019 with testimonies, special numbers in huge thanks to God for seeing them through the first 31 days of the year.

The general overseer whose reverence to God is utmost, rounded off this sweet tradition  describing his members as his testimony and thanked God for looking after his children and counting them worthy of his divine protection that cuts across every spheres of their lives.
Starting his message, Enakhena who defined Thanksgiving as an expression of gratitude especially to the almighty God revealed that “thanks” and “sorry” are problems of our marriages—this two words are the reasons why marriages of this generation are not working because the use of it is zero.

“Darling I am sorry...oh thank you, you can imagine such a peaceful world...such a peaceful can imagine such a peaceful marriage”, Enakhena said.
He added that you must not say sorry only when you are let peace reign sometimes you need to say sorry—for peace to reign, sometimes you need to say sorry to show that person that you are not weak but matured, not just matured, you are matured in the spirit.

“A matured child of God doesn't drag issues, he/she forgives, forget and let go.

“In any trouble there's a breakthrough, in any storm, don't look at that storm, there's Jesus in that storm.

Citing Joseph's issue of being sold to Egypt, Enakhena described the son of Jacob as a matured child of God.

“Joseph was sold to Egypt but eventually he excelled and brought his father and brothers to Egypt and when their father died, his brothers that sold him to Egypt were afraid saying our father that has been our shade is dead and now that he's gone Joseph is going to deal with us...they went about talking to people, the elders of Egypt coming up with all sorts of lies but Joseph being a matured Child of God said no! God used you to bring me to Egypt—this statement is Joseph giving thanks to God.

“Before David faced Goliath he said the God I serve shall bring you down—he's only giving thanks to God—there are so many issues that happens today, even we the servants of God will say if it weren't for me, he would have seen trouble...who are you? Don't take the glory of God...who are you? A blink of God's eye you are gone—in every situation learn to give God thanks, learn to praise God all the time.

“When you pray fervently and answers refuse to come, begin to give God thanks—complain should not be in the mouth of the children of God, why me? is neither the portion of a child of God—when you have prayed, fasted done everything, go back to God and tell Him thank you... because I am not married, I have no car, I have absolutely nothing, Father I thank you because this is what you want for me—if that is not what God wants for you he will change that situation...There is power in thanksgiving, there's power in praises and there's power in worship.

Reading Psalm 100:4 Enakhena said Enter his gate and asked which gate? The church of God, the house of God with thanksgiving—don't prepare yourself in the morning grudgingly going to the house of God—if it's this El-Shaddai Salvation Family Ministries you are coming to worship and you are grudging, change your church—the place you worship should be a place you go to with great feeling of happiness, with thoughts of I want to go and dance for my God today.

“The psalmist says I was glad when they say let us go to the house of the lord—David looked forward to Sundays so he can dance and sing to our God—when you give God thanks oooh I am telling you the fruition is well above enormous—Abel was hugely happy saying ooh the God that created my father and my father gave birth to me and I am alive today ooh I want to thank my father in heaven, he did it and God accepted his thanksgiving—don't come and give to God because pastor says you should come and give or because pastor is preaching about it—be in the spirit to do whatever you want to do in the vineyard of God—God blesses you more when you do things that comes from the spirit not your canal mind—when God lays something in your spirit, until you do it he troubles you.

Enakhena stressed to the congregation that this year they should learn to give God thanks and praise in any situation.
“Some of us wait until the praise and worship is over before we come to church—if only we know what a huge error that is—we call Sunday service what? Chorally the congregation said Kingdom worship—any attempt for you not to dance and praise God on a Sunday you are so much on your own—that is the only thing He wants from us.

“A man that is clapping, dancing, playing an instrument is praising and thanking God but in all you must do it in truth—don't always give thanks to God because you found yourself in it, do it because He loved you first—man is wicked but God's love is internal and unto eternal life”, Enakhena said after reading Psalm 100:5 and reiterated that all we can give back to God is thanksgiving.

“Saying thank you to Jesus is not enough, it is never too much—when Jesus wanted to raise Lazarus from the grave, Jesus did not say any prayers—He said thank you Father because you always answer me.
“Let thank you never depart from your mouth in your marriage, even your children learn to say thank you to them, learn to say thank you to your wife and let this be exercised in other spheres of life—learn to give chief thanks to our God—there's a strength beyond human imagination when you give thanks to God—God is interested in thanks givers, He knows your heart, knows what you are and what you can do,  even when you have nothing dance—whenever you give thanks to God it goes to heaven and God will bring down good news for you—showers of blessing automatically comes down.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

“Clapping is part of praising God—it is important to note that there's no big boy in the house of God—David was a King of a country but he was still dancing and praising God...I saw on the internet somebody wrote what a useless can he be dancing, praising amazement I said wow who is Dino Melaye? Who is he before God? We are talking about our God who can pronounce that let Nigeria exist...before He says no more Nigeria is gone—how can only one person dance to your God and you are saying a whole senator? If you have not started dancing for your God, from today learn to do that”.

Photo Credit: Benita Omosomi Enakhena (B.O.E)


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