Unusual weather condition ‘led to’ crash of Osinbajo’s chopper

The helicopter which conveyed Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo from Abuja to Kabba in Kogi state, crash-landed as a result of unusual weather condition.

Caverton Helicopters, owners of the aircraft, said this in a statement issued on Saturday.

Osinbajo was on a campaign trip to Kogi when the chopper crash-landed in Kabba. There were no injuries recorded during the incident.

The vice-president came out unhurt and immediately continued his business in the state, receiving a warm welcome from residents as he was driven through the town.

Josiah Choms, Caverton managing director, said investigation into the incident has commenced.

“An Augusta AW139 Helicopter, under management by Caverton Helicopters was involved in a mishap on landing in Kabba, Kogi State around 3pm today (2nd February 2019) as a result of unusual weather conditions,” he said.

“There were no injuries to the passengers or crew on board and they were all quickly and safely evacuated.

“The relevant authorities have been duly informed and an investigation into the incident has commenced. We will, of course, support the authorities as required.

“We wish to reassure the public and our various stakeholders of our unwavering commitment to safety in all of our operations.”

The crash was the second the vice-president was involved in within eight months.