Vector: Politicians take undue advantage of entertainers

Olanrewaju ‘Vector’ Ogunmefun says many entertainers in Nigeria stay away from politics because Nigerian politicians take advantage of them.

The rapper told HipTV that politicians disappoint entertainers when the political season is over.

“When you have done political campaigns such that politicians have disappointed you a lot of times you’ll figure out that maybe we all just need to do better,” he said.

“Because some people are still giving them Lamba (money), many artistes turn their evergreen jams into political campaign songs.

“They are old enough to know the consequences of such actions. Who am I to judge them.”

Lamenting about the upsurge of piracy in the Nigerian entertainment industry, the 34-year-old rapper explained that politicians themselves alongside the government are not doing enough for the music industry.

“The music industry  is thriving by itself. Imagine if you didn’t have to deal with piracy. You’ll most likely not have artistes who are begging for money when they’re sick because their royalties would be in place,” he explained.

“This is why a lot of my songs are way more digital and on different platforms like Apple, Spotify and others because that is where you’ll go and have access to the numbers. Nobody in Alaba (market) is trying to show me my real numbers.”