Enakhena to church: when we say prayer is the key—it is yourself…in everything pray!

Your prayer life determines how Satan and his cohorts flee when they hear your voice.

What is prayer to a Child of God? How well should we habituate in praying? What is a church without prayer? Is there a given time to pray? When should we pray? Answers to these questions and more is what you would absolutely find in this message “Prayer is the Key” by Apostle Benson Enakhena who kicked up real reasons why praying should chiefly be our way of life.

After dusting off dullness from the mood of his members that he so dearly loves,  by having them shake away every spirit of spiritual laziness out of their lives with brief prayer, Enakhena enjoined his members to say to their neighbors: From today, learn to have a communication with your father in heaven—he then followed through saying: when we say prayer is the key, it is not for you to have pastors that are praying for you and sadly that is what this generation is habituating in now. This generation specializes in paying pastors to pray for them instead of praying  themselves. When we say prayer is the key, it is yourself.

Amos 3:3

Enakhena went on “You don’t expect God to answer your prayers when your ways don’t align with His ways, even if you pay the biggest pastors in the world to pray for you or give out 90% of your saved up money to pastors to pray along with you, if your ways does not work with God your money is in vain, it is nonsense”. He continued, “For you to be a member of El-Shaddai Salvation Family Ministries, you must learn to do it yourself—if you cannot do it yourself you cannot be a member, you must be prayerful for you to be a member of this church”.
As one who is approaching an issue with the right approach, Enakhena with the needed vim took the church on an adventure of what prayer is by furthering on with: Prayer is a weapon, prayer is the key, and prayer is what opens the door that no man can open.

“If you are a praise singer and you don’t pray before you take the microphone, all you would sing is carnal, if you are the best pastor in the world and you have the whole bible in your head, if you don’t pray before mounting the pulpit you are so much on your own, all you would preach and pray is carnal, the lord is not with you—prayer is the key to open every door. Before you marry you need to pray, before you say oh; it is time for me to have children, you need to pray before they come—when your wife is pregnant,  pray! when a baby comes out,  pray!  when the baby starts crawling,  pray! when the baby starts walking, pray!  when the baby is starting school, pray!  when the baby excels to secondary school, pray! when the baby graduates to the higher institution, pray! when it’s time to go for NYSC, at this time you need to wear the belt of prayer and pray! …how about when it’s time to get married? You pray much harder and when your children marry, that will now bring about more prayer points and at the time you need to rest you begin to have more prayer points—it is better for you to pray for divine health than to pray for divine healing. Prayer is a lifestyle, Prayer is not a job, prayer does not kill, and prayer is a way of life to Christians. It is the only way you can commune with God.

“When you pray, you are getting closer to God. God cannot speak to you when you are not speaking to Him, God cannot teach you things when you are not getting close to Him and how do you get close to God? By prayer. The gift God has given to you cannot manifest itself in full except through prayer. There are people today you look up to and when you see them you say this is a millionaire, no! —they are half done and not prayerful because those four cars they have, they ought to be ten cars but they are not praying. When the children of God pray things happen. But when a child of God grows to the extent of seeing prayer as a joke, he has started deteriorating.

“There is no situation that prayer cannot change…what situation was worse than that of Lazarus? The bible says by faith a man shall receive and the same bible still says a dead man has no faith and Lazarus was long dead and was four days old in the grave…what faith had he? But prayer still brought him back—unless you rise to pray the enemy cannot let you go, prayer is the key but not just the key, it is the supernatural master key to open unusual doors not usual…no, no, no, God is not interested in treating your malaria because a doctor can treat that malaria…God is interested in those situations doctors will say there is no way, He will now come in—that situation the economy will say no way, your certificate will say no way, the people around you will say you cannot go anywhere in life, your family will say you are of no good, with prayers,  God will step in to let them know that He is the one who specializes in making the impossibilities possible. Without prayer God cannot make the impossibilities possible in your life.

“Praying should be chief in your life—when you are sitting,  pray! when you are walking,  pray! when you are eating,  pray! …pray without season. Prayer is the supernatural master key to every problem…who you think you are or how you think of yourself as a champion makes absolutely no matter, if you don’t pray before you move you are in trouble. Prayer is your fuel, you cannot drive that car without fuel…the only food for that car is fuel… give your prayer life a full tank!

Luke 18:1-8

With the above scripture, Enakhena who is known for his scripture analysis prowess, preached even further that: Jesus said men ought to pray and not to faint—when you are on your dying bed pray and you will come back alive…pay attention to God. He said can two work together except they agree? Let God see that you are ready for Him concerning that situation…habituate in saying father I will not let you go unless you answer this prayer of mine…father concerning this issue, I am serious I will not let you go.

“Somebody with no regard for man, you go to him for justice when he himself is injustice…you are telling a man of injustice to give you justice but when God is involved, your enemy will show you way before they know it. When God is involved, Satan that set your house ablaze would be the one to put out the fire—a man of injustice, a widow was looking to get justice from him…persevere in prayer—what have you gone through that some haven’t in seven folds and you think you can pray no more? Pray! You are closer to your solution, pray! Your healing is at hand, pray! Your breakthrough is here.

“We are in a generation where we are happy when they say go and pay for anointing oil, bring money and buy oil…we are happy, there is no solution there! Open your mouth and pray the lord is with you. Money cannot buy my God because he owns the money, he owns the land… (Go and bring 100,000 thousand naira,  I want to give you a special oil) and then after days you are running around for another money for special oil—Jesus came so that there will be no more monopoly, me and you can have access to God. As many that are willing and can obey, we have access to God.

“There is power in praying, prayer moves mountains. We will not become a lazy generation. Most of you enjoy going to a church where the pastor will say you are blessed, you are blessed and you rise up and go home but when the flogging begins you start to look for a deliverance church…where was the blessing? Any pastor that cannot teach you how to pray is not worthy of being a pastor—do-it-yourself is El-Shaddai Salvation Family Ministries…you must learn to pray, you have to pray, you cannot be my good friend when you don’t pray, I will be your friend but you will not be my good friend, I cannot entrust difficult things in your hands because you cannot pray and Satan can pass through you—if you cannot pray count me out of your relationship.

“How many times have you told God I am here again? How many times have you knocked the door of God saying I am still jobless? My baby has not come, my child has not gotten that which he is looking up to you father to bless him with…how long have you been knocking the gate of heaven? The widow kept on troubling the unjust man for justice.

Enakhena enjoined his members to shout prayer!! And chorally they yelled. He went on: God was moved in heaven, He said if only my children can persist just as this widow did, why won’t I avenge for them? Why won’t I give them what they want? If my children can move and trouble me this way, why won’t I give them what they want? Pray until something happens, keep praying don’t ever stop, pray until the doors are open. There is no door that cannot open unless men are not ready to pull down the door.

“We clamor for breakthrough, I need a breakthrough, why is it called a breakthrough and not pass-through? It is because there is a blockage, there is a hindrance. You need something to break it and then pass…what do you need? Fasting and Prayer combined with praising God.
“When a man is ready like Paul and Silas to praise and worship God, nations will rise up and say they want to serve your God…even demons will tell you they want to serve your God—everyday God is looking for men He will pass through to glorify his name but are we prepared? Are we ready? Pray! The door must open, pray! that cancer must go.

“When you want to start a pure water business you don’t pray, you don’t seek the face of God because you see someone prospering in it, building houses and buying cars and because you see all the blessings attached to the pure water business, you go and open your own…when it doesn't  toe the same vein, you now begin to run to God—know that when you start before you ask God, it is difficult for Him to answer you. Any step you want to take,  pray!  seek the face of God—Father should I go? Father should I go like David? If you were in David’s position, they have absconded with your family and property you will not even remember God…if David had pursued them without seeking God first, he would not have come back alive. When God ask you to go no man can bring you down. Seek the face of God before you get into that marriage, before you get into that business, before you start that ministry you must seek the face of God. You must pray to prepare yourself before you kick start anything, don’t be in a hurry so that you will not be at the right place at the wrong time.

1 chronicles 16: 11

“Seek the face of God continually, in everything, pray! When you got to the market to buy that food,  pray! People go to the market today and they go and buy poison, it is not everything we buy in the market that are certified—even if you go to the market to buy cloths, pray! before wearing them, pray! when you buy shoes,  pray!  When you buy a wrist watch,  pray! —Satan manufactures, he has a manufacturing company but he is not looking for money, he is out to capture souls with his products—when you start eating certain food or wear some certain clothes, you begin to find yourself in a prayer less life.

“There was a lady who had serious headache and her visits to the hospital yielded nothing…me and my sister (Prophetess Regina Uduimoh) visited the problem with prayers and while praying for her, I  saw somebody hitting the lady’s head as she makes her hair and I asked her who is your hairdresser? She answered; it is a woman,  but a friend of mine has been warning me to stop making my hair there because she almost died when she was going there to make her hair…then I told her to go and loose the hair and after doing that I poured anointing oil and told her never to go back there and that was the end of that serious headache…know whom you associate yourself with, pray! Prayer is the master key.

“A prayer less church is a powerless church—there are churches some people cannot go because they know what they are carrying within them cannot be absorbed or work in that church—they know the churches they cannot go, they know where soothes them so they can carry all their snakes and every other things into the church, why? The fire is not burning. When the fire in the church is burning,  when you call them they will not come because they are not ready to give their lives to Christ. It is written that you are either a Haywood, Gold or Silver but when the fire of God burns, it is what He meets in you is what He will do…if you are gold or silver He will refine you and if you are a Haywood He will burn you to ashes. We need to repent and pray! God is the only key. No one can give you the key to your exact destiny except Jesus Christ. He is the only one that can give you that key… or else, you will live the shadow of your destiny”.

Photo Credit: Benita Omosomi Enakhena