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Escape Lagos threatens to publish names of celebrity debtors

Richard Nnadi, the owner of popular club, Escape Lagos, has threatened to release a list of celebrities and politicians owing the club on April 1.
In a statement on his Instagram page, Nnadi said the club had gone bankrupt and eventually had to close down because it could no longer afford to pay its staff.
“Save the relationship. Don’t expose your customers. So we kept quiet till finally, we couldn’t sustain the club anymore so we had to close the business!” a post on the club’s Instagram page read.
“These people that owed us didn’t want us to survive …these people didn’t want us to be able to pay staff salaries … these people put over 80 families without a source of income cos we had to shut down!”
“Yesterday after listening to Tiwa’s cover for Kiss Daniels ‘Fvck You, it put me on a thinking spree. Escape had to close because we were in debt of over an N120 million, and these debtors include a range of artistes, your biggest stars, people that you wouldn’t believe owe, Big Brother housemates,” he said.
“Tonto, I am sorry, you said I shouldn’t do this. But nobody is going to knock on my door, now that my business is closed and my staff can’t feed their family, and say—yo! Richard, I owe you N10 million, N5 million, here is your money. It is time people know how you guys are fvcking people’s business.”
Reacting to the post, Tonto Dikeh advised the owner to seek redress in court rather than openly subject its debtors to public shame.